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Sales is not about force-fitting a product or solution onto a customer. Rather, it’s about first finding out exactly what the customer needs and wants as completely as possible, and from as many different perspectives as possible, then showing where and how your product or service can satisfy those specific requirements. The Sales M.B.A. from Eagle’s Flight teaches participants how to do this.


Before every call, complete a Customer Roadmap, looking both “outside the door” and “inside the door.”


Apply the Five Gears of Selling to focus on meeting the customer’s real and perceived needs.


Identify where on the Relationship Spectrum you are with this customer, then optimize every opportunity to capitalize on that position. 

Transform your organization’s sales process. Learn how in the guide: The Evolution of the Sales Model.

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The 5-Day Course



  1. What’s really possible?
  2. Funnel management and close ratios
  3. Building customer profiles
  4. The FIVE gears of selling
  5. Selling value, not price
  6. Create long term partnerships



  1. Practice occurs in the class
  2. Content is truly absorbed and understood
  3. Immediately relevant back on the job
  4. Program is centered around discovery based learning


Certification & Retention

  1. Begins in the class and continues for one year post class
  2. On the job feedback
  3. In field coaching
  4. Consistent daily application of new behaviors

Components of the Course

1. Setting the Expectation

By immersing participants in the innovative Gold of the Desert Kings experience, sales professionals “commit to win, not just to survive”. The personal challenge for each individual is to achieve all that’s possible. 

2. Funnel Management

Build and manage a sales funnel that generates predictable sales results. Sales success is the result of a disciplined process, not wishful thinking.

3. Selling with Integrity

Using our Council of the Marble Star™ module, you’ll develop the ability to sell with integrity, not just on product knowledge. Who we choose to buy from is often as important as what we choose to buy. 

4. Customer Profile

Learn about your prospective customer’s current reality before attempting to show them how to improve that reality. Knowledge is power; knowledge used is powerful!

5. Selling Skills

Implement the five gears of selling so you shift smoothly from executive presence and real need to objections, close and next steps. We only buy what we understand, and only from people we trust.

6. Building Partnerships

Build long-term partnerships with customers, don’t just generate individual transactions. Being a vendor is about making a deal; being a partner is about making a difference.

7. Field Coaching and Leadership

Change behavior by walking the talk yourself, and taking the walk with your reps. Performance improves when new behaviors are reinforced through on-the-job coaching.

8. Winning Ways Website

Log on  to the Winning Ways website, where you can achieve higher levels of sales excellence. Success shared breeds success multiplied.

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