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Sales is changing; is your team ready?

Today, customers are more sophisticated than ever, and they expect more for their time and money. They want solutions that fit their specific business needs and providers that meet those needs are the ones that break out of the trap of selling exclusively on cost.

They want salespeople who can show them something they can’t easily find with a search; vendors who are not just experts in their products but experts in the industry and on what delivers the most value. 

With changing and heightened expectations of customers throughout the buying journey, organizations will be left behind if they don’t build a sales force that is equipped with the right skills, processes, and tools to win in a changing world. As a result, upskilling sales leaders and representatives through training will be imperative.

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With Eagle's Flight As Your Partner, Anything is Possible

When it comes to building a sales force ready to meet the changing needs of their clients, it pays to have an experienced partner on your side to ensure your team is equipped with the skills they need. Whether it be helping kick off a high energy sales event, training that focuses on solution selling, or a fully customized culture of sales effectiveness, below are several of the ways Eagle's Flight can help you.

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A Culture of Sales Effectiveness

Building a culture of sales effectiveness is a complete shift in the organizational mindset. Doing this requires a clear picture of the desired outcome, the genuine involvement of leaders, and a proven path to success. Eagle's Flight has that process and can partner with you to bring it to life by implementing a personalized solution for your organization. blue arrow

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Five-Day Solution Selling Program

Sales today is about first finding out exactly what the customer needs and wants, then showing where and how your product or service can satisfy those specific requirements. Over five days of training (together or in modules), your sales employees will learn about funnel management, how to sell with integrity, creating customer profiles, and building partnerships.
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One-Day Foundations of Solution Selling

In a day, your sales employees will learn how to optimize every interaction by better uncovering the total needs of the client, better understand the stages of relationship and how to move across them, how to adapt their approach to the client’s spoken and unspoken buying criteria, and how to prepare for various stages of the sales arrow

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Sales Leadership Development

Leadership development for sales managers and leaders expands the mindset and capacity for delivering world-class organizational results by releasing the full potential of their sales force. Your sales leaders build the competencies necessary to successfully shift from managing to leading a high-performing sales team.
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Sales Representative Competency Development

With a wide range of competency training programs available that teach your sales team public speaking, collaboration, time management, negotiation skills, and more, your team will walk away confidently able to change their behavior in a way that drives better arrow

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A Custom Solution

Whether it is building a single sales competency or creating a culture of sales excellence, we have the content, tools, and expertise to ensure that your sales initiative is a success. Our ability to integrate business relevance, corporate uniqueness and pragmatic content across a wide range of organizational needs has been key to our clients’ success. 
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Driving Your Message at a Company Sales Event

Sales meetings are the ideal environment to get your sales team engaged. With Eagle’s Flight Corporate Events, our team of events experts will help you add a sales effectiveness message to any company event in an experiential way that truly drives the message home. Click the arrow to explore our Corporate Events website. pink arrow

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“The use of your experiences to build understanding and conviction is an Eagle’s Flight trademark; and one which, in my opinion, is a true differentiator that sets you apart from all others in your field.“

Marc Caira - Vice Chair at Restaurant Brands International

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