Culture Transformation

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Create A Dynamic Organizational Culture That Drives Results

To transform an organization's culture requires no less than to change the hearts, minds, and skills of the workforce. Doing this requires a clear picture of the desired outcome, the genuine involvement of leaders at all levels, and a proven path to success.

Eagle's Flight has that process and can partner with you to bring it to life at your organization. Whether it be a culture of leadership; diversity, equity, and inclusion; or safety and compliance; our team becomes your secret weapon to success.

With a proven roadmap to follow, an expansive content library, relevant and practical tools, and a world-class team to help you bring it all together, an Eagle's Flight culture transformation builds the necessary conviction, knowledge, and competencies in your workforce to drive results, growth, and engagement.

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Our Tried-and-True Approach

We make your ideal organizational culture a reality by developing and implementing a customized solution that is explicitly tailored to your organization. Regardless of the culture you want, the Eagle's Flight team works alongside your internal team through consultation, delivery, and measurement to ensure success. 


Your Need and Reality

The insight that a preliminary discovery provides is invaluable to the success of culture change. All too often, initiatives of this scale do not take into account the unique reality of an organization. To conquer this challenge, you must understand the current reality and define where a shift in behaviors must occur.

The Eagle’s Flight discovery process is developed to do just that. It stimulates the gathering of authentic quantitative and qualitative information that focuses on key areas that provide the necessary information to accurately build your transformation, from the ground up.


Our Solution Customized For You

The data gathered during the discovery is invaluable to the success of the transformation, as we'll use it to customize your solution so it builds relevance that is necessary to engage employees. Our ability to integrate business relevance, corporate uniqueness, and pragmatic content across a wide range of organizational needs has been repeatedly demonstrated and has been complimented by our clients. Customization capabilities include:

  • Content selection, adaptation, or creation
  • Integrating your current content 
  • Creation of a unique look, feel, and message for all materials
  • Type, timing, and frequency of reinforcement and retention
  • Contingency plans
  • Communication strategy and execution

Delivered How It Best Suits You

When the time comes to launch your custom culture initiative, the Eagle's Flight team will help you select the delivery method, or a combination of methods, that will work best for your workforce, goals, and solution. Options include:

  • Eagle’s Flight Facilitates: We can roll out large global initiatives where the content is delivered in the region, in the local language.
  • Virtual or Classroom Delivery
  • Train-the-Trainer Certification
  • Leaders as Teachers
  • Do-It-Yourself Kits

Leadership Buy-In and Support

A culture transformation can only truly succeed if leadership is brought in and supports the initiative. If they don’t, then their teams won’t either. That’s why enthusiasm and conviction for culture transformation must take a top-down approach.

Eagle’s Flight will help ensure every level of leadership (from the C-suite to key line managers), fully embraces the change supports it in their day-to-day lives by:

  • Facilitating meetings between line managers and HR professionals
  • Setting the framework for building a robust development plan
  • Gathering input in advance and tracking outcomes as the plan is implemented
  • Providing highly relevant content, customized as needed

Ensuring Long-Term Success

As the outside world shifts and evolves, so do the internal priorities within any organization. Though to ensure any culture transformations success, it is imperative to take steps to sustain the new culture until it becomes the new norm. Which is why every Eagle's Flight culture transformation employs: 

  • Digital reinforcement
  • Assessments 
  • Learner impact scorecards
  • Measurement

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