Organizational Culture Transformation


To transform a culture requires no less than to change the hearts, minds, and skills of the workforce. Doing this requires a clear picture of the desired outcome, the true involvement of leaders at all levels, and a proven path to success.

We provide a roadmap to follow, partner with you on the journey, and provide the tools that build the necessary conviction, knowledge, and competencies into your people.

Undergoing a culture transformation is an exciting time and can lead to a higher performing workforce and company. Learn how to be successful in the guide Leading a Culture Transformation.

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A Culture of Innovation

A pet food company creates a culture of innovation, with 7,000 employees actively engaged in innovation to produce shareholder value.

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A Culture of Safety

A major oil and gas player with great safety standards and procedures now moves to having every person committed to following them.  We developed a program that shifted people's mindset around safety to "Stuff shouldn't happen that I can control."

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A Culture of High Performance Sales

One of the  world's leading food companies needs to shift the sales team's mindset and behaviors from selling a product to selling a solution.

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A Culture of Leadership

A construction company builds leadership excellence from the front line to the corner office, and creates a legacy that will continue beyond the current leadership.

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A Culture of Customer Centricity

A Fortune 500 company creates a "customer-centric" culture both internally and externally.

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A Culture of Employee Engagement

A global quick-service restaurant improves employee engagement, to drive a great guest experience and profitability increases. 

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A Culture of Accountability

A global financial institution undertakes a company-wide initiative focused on creating a strong risk and compliance culture.  Driven by the organization's strategy, the culture now revolves around quality and the customer, with leadership's accountability to adhere to corporate values.

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Executive Summary: Eagle's Flight's Approach to Culture Transformation

Download the executive summary for everything you need to know about Eagle's Flight's approach to culture transformation. 

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Guide: Leading a Culture Transformation

As a leader, your role in change management and demonstrating commitment is monumental to success and long-term change. Find out how you can lead a culture transformation in this guide.


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Toolkit: Culture Transformation

This Culture Transformation Toolkit will allow you to understand your organization’s current culture and create the right strategy that supports the desired end state.

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