Comprehensive Leadership Development

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Senior Leaders

Living Leadership™

In Eagle’s Flight’s Senior Leaders program, your executive-level leaders will learn that in order to deliver world-class organizational results, they must release the full potential of employees. To do so, they will learn effective coaching, goal-setting, feedback, empowerment, and change management.

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Getting Commitment to Deliver Results

Learn about the role of accountability in achieving predictable results; and the critical nature of integrity, tenacity, discernment and teachability.

Coaching for Results

Recognize the importance of modeling an example that others can follow, and develop coaching techniques that maximize performance.

Performance Management: Unleashing Employee Potential

Achieve higher performance through the use of outcome-based goals, objective assessment, and constructive feedback.

Leading an Empowered Workforce

Understand how to engage stakeholders in decision making for optimum results, and then increase engagement through effective delegation.

Powering Team Performance

Achieve higher levels of collaboration and accountability through learning the Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork™.

Communication: Developing Your Leadership Presence

Gain the tools needed to create clear and logical messages that allow for greater understanding across teams and in one-on-one communication.

Managing Internal Communication

Ensure that a consistent message is heard, understood, and acted upon by harnessing the flow of information.

Executional Excellence: From Strategy to Tactics

Learn to shift from strategy (through plans, checkpoints, and innovation) to tactics in order to predictably deliver to promised results.

Leading Change

Drive positive business growth in times of change and uncertainty by providing clear leadership in five distinct areas.

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Mid-Level Leaders

Practical Leadership™

Mid-level managers and supervisors need to develop their own leadership capabilities in order to tap into the true potential of those they lead. Practical Leadership™ enhances the everyday, practical skills required to lead effectively and drive performance.

Modules can be combined or stand alone and are most effective when paired with assessment and retention tools.

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Taking Accountability for Your Future in Leadership

Gain insight about the importance of accountability, learn actions that can lead to a stronger culture of responsibility and develop an action plan to implement a culture of accountability back on the job.

Managing Time to Deliver on Priorities

Differentiate between using time efficiently and using time effectively in order to achieve greater personal and team productivity.

Building and Leading Teams

Understand your role as a team leader, and acquire practical tools that can unleash the potential within individual team members.

Giving and Getting Feedback

Understand the role of feedback and appropriate communication to improve employee performance.

Coaching for Results

Use feedback and coaching techniques to handle challenging situations, inspire greater engagement, and achieve better results for individuals and teams.

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Emerging Leaders

Personal Leadership™

Frontline and high-potential employees need more than opportunities to successfully step into a leadership role. In order to lead others, individuals must first effectively lead themselves. Personal Leadership™ develops the skills necessary to drive increased focus, improved efficiency, and maximization of their contributions to the organization.

Modules can be combined or stand alone and are most effective when paired with assessment and retention tools.

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Building Effective Relationships

Understand yourself and others better, and so leverage relationships and differences to achieve better outcomes.

Time Management

Integrate proven time-management techniques into daily functions in order to more efficiently prioritize tasks and activities.

Communicating and Listening

Implement the techniques of effective listening in order to communicate more effectively in any situation.

The Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork™

Develop the skills, knowledge, and approaches necessary to be an accountable team member that enhances team performance.

Resolving Conflict at Work

Learn the mechanics and skills of conflict resolution, and apply these tools to real-world situations.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Recognize the factors that lead to stress, and develop tools and strategies to manage that stress.

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