Safe By Choice

Driving organizational conviction to proactively follow all safety standards

Safe by Choice is a program designed with one goal: to drive conviction that every person must follow all safety procedures and contribute to an environment that demands workplace safety. The program is not designed to replace or alter your current safety programs; it is designed to give those programs traction and to ensure that every employee is an owner of your safety culture.

For supervisors and leaders, the course creates a mindset of ensuring everyone is safe by choice. For employees, the program builds commitment, not just compliance, to personally create a safe workplace.

Create a safe workplace by driving employee conviction. Learn how we do it.

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Safe by Choice builds conviction in three areas:


Leaders and employees must believe, with a passion, in the need to adhere to all safety standards.


Leaders must be accountable to model the right behavior throughout the organization. Employees have to take personal ownership in safety choices.


Leaders must be able to impart their knowledge of safety processes, and how to successfully operate in a safe environment; and employees must be receptive to being trained in safety practices.

Four steps for your organization

Eagle's Flight adapts Safe by Choice into your work environment, customized for your employees and organizational culture. We ensure that the messages of Safe by Choice are relevant to your world - from your language and standards to your employees’ day-to-day experiences.


We work with you to gain the understanding we need to tailor the program to your organization and ensure success.


We customize Safe by Choice to build relevance by using your examples, language, values, situations, and customers.


We test your customized version of the program to validate its effectiveness in your organization, and to ensure it will achieve expected results.


Our trained facilitators deliver the program for you, or we train your internal staff to our specifications with comprehensive kits containing all the necessary materials.

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