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Virtual Learning That Changes Behavior

For the last two years, Eagle’s Flight has been developing virtual learning that changes behavior. Our virtual learning solutions are developed with the same principles Eagle’s Flight was founded on over 30 years ago - learning that is practical, where individuals learn by doing, not just listening, reading, or watching.

Eagle’s Flight’s Virtual Learning goes beyond knowledge transfer, typically experienced in online learning, to help individuals make direct connections between their actions and their desired performance outcomes, resulting in better performance. It’s a learning journey that builds conviction by changing the hearts, minds, and skills through an engaging experience that can be delivered anywhere the internet can reach.

We’ve gained extensive experience working with our clients to deliver virtual learning and are pleased to offer additional ways to bring development opportunities to your organization in a way that truly changes behavior. This is Virtual Learning by Eagle’s Flight.

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How Does It Work? The Learner Journey

This is not passive learning. It is an engaging and interactive experience requiring active learning and participation. A more hands-on, practical, and relevant way to release individual potential. Between our disciplined step-by-step learning journey and proven expertise, we'll help you produce real sustainable results from your investment in virtual learning. 

Virtual Learning Prework


To maximize the impact of virtually facilitated modules, individuals complete online prework prior to attending their first module, either in the form of a podcast, digital activity, article, or video.

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Virtually Facilitated Modules

Each virtual learning session is composed of multiple modules that blend the components of a  face-to-face classroom with the flexibility and accessibility of online delivery. Each module consists of the following to ensure it is engaging and interactive for everyone in attendance. 

Experiential Tools 

Eagle’s Flight brings its experiential learning methodology to the virtual classroom.

Course Content 

On the job application and relevant feedback tools are incorporated into training on the new behaviors and skills.

Social Connection Between Virtual Learning Session

Social Connection Between Modules

In a virtual world social connection is all the more important. Consequently, designated social connection opportunities between modules are included. This gives individuals regular access to their colleagues to help them solve challenges they are facing on the job and share success stories related to the content of the virtual learning session. Doing so helps build the confidence every individual needs to put their knowledge into practice.

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Post-Session Sustainment

Just because the virtual learning modules end, doesn’t mean the focus on changing behavior is over. With access to digital content refreshers, leader-led reinforcement activities, peer group discussions, and best practice sharing sessions, individuals will continue to receive the support they need to apply the learning to their day-to-day reality.

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