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Exciting, immersive, business-relevant, fun and far more memorable than a keynote speaker or "death by PowerPoint", our conference programs deliver a well-designed and long-remembered learning experience.

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Gold of the Desert Kings™ | Planning and Productivity

10-5000 Participants | 3-4 Hours

Challenge your business’s status quo by asking "What's Possible?"

We often confuse activity with productivity. If we’re busy, we must be making headway, right? Not always. A lot of ineffective busyness can go undetected until the results come in…and then it’s too late. Gold of the Desert Kings™ is a metaphor for the world we face at work every day - a world where planning, gathering resources, and goal-directed action, executed within a changing environment, are the keys to maximizing results.

  • Ask “What’s Possible?” instead of “What’s Required?" to  break through your perceived limitations
  • Plan, prepare, and execute - never lose sight of the objective - to attaining all that’s possible
  • Permanently adopt a strategic mindset for any challenge
  • Face any challenge with that strategic mindset; develop lasting habits of focused productivity
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Promises Promises!™ | Breaking Down Silos

20-5000 Participants | 3-4 Hours

A truly united team of teams delivers a competitive advantage.

No one is an island within any organization - we’re all customers and suppliers of each other. People often struggle to see past their own “job” and immediate needs to their vital role within a greater whole. When this attitude spreads, the symptoms are obvious: distrust, self-serving behavior, and broken commitments. The results of that kind of environment are worse: compromised quality, minimal productivity, and poor customer service. Promises, Promises!™ delivers a perception-shattering experience that creates vision for a truly borderless organization.

  • Move from a “me” to a “we” perspective
  • Live the culture and deliver individual, team, and organizational goals
  • Break down silos and create an environment of trust
  • Negotiate to generate mutually beneficial results and productive partnerships
  • Align goals and efforts at every organizational level through focus on the ”big picture”
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Redline Racing™ | Learning From the Best and Driving Results

20-5000 Participants | 2 Hours

Today, the only speed is faster, but it must be combined with focus, agility, and an intense drive to turn in a winning performance.

If we can’t keep up with the pace of change and match our actions accordingly, we’re on a collision course with failure. We need the skills to quickly formulate appropriate goals, gather and evaluate information, gain team consensus, and then act to obtain the best results possible. Redline Racing™ challenges you to deliver a champion’s performance in an experiential learning environment of pressures, checkpoints, and stiff competition.

  • Balance action with analysis to drive toward the greatest possible outcome
  • Capitalize on the experience of those who have succeeded before
  • Build cohesion among team members
  • Course-correct in the face of shifting conditions
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Council of the Marble Star™ | Delivering Results and Living the Culture

10-5000 Participants | 3-4 Hours

How you deliver is just as important as what you deliver.

Creating lasting, productive business relationships within the context of corporate culture can be a daily challenge. You’ve committed to delivering a specific result, and you must do that consistently with personal integrity and company values. Council of the Marble Star™ challenges you to succeed in two arenas, profit and values, because how you achieve a result is as important as the result itself.

  • Negotiate and build lasting, productive relationships that drive the results you promised
  • Synchronize culture with commerce
  • Learn to match your intentions with the perceptions of others
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Rattlesnake Canyon™ | Developing True Partnerships

20-5000 Participants | 4 Hours

Forge effective partnerships and stop the competition in its tracks.

Unless we identify the true customer need at the outset, all of our efforts will fall short. And, once identified, how do we satisfy that need and make a profit amidst shifting market trends, competition, and tight deadlines? Rattlesnake Canyon™ animates this market scenario through a highly engaging and vivid learning experience. Step back in time - to the Wild West - and discover how to leverage effective partnerships to meet your customer’s needs and create a significant competitive edge.

  • Build effective partnerships, both internal and external
  • Uncover, understand, and respond to the true customer need
  • Initiate efficient processes that expedite workflow and proactive customer service
  • Adopt a mindset for pursuing maximum profit potential
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Arctic Pursuit | Teamwork

20-5000 Participants | 2 Hours

In a business climate full of opportunities, the challenge is to capitalize on those opportunities.

Key to success is knowing the non-negotiables, learning to use available resources effectively, and when to pause and reassess. Arctic Pursuit uses experiential learning to bring these lessons to life, and then show how to apply them back on the job.

  • Recognize all opportunities and capitalize on their full potential to guarantee you will achieve your defined accountabilities
  • Identify and use relevant information and support that can be leveraged to increase results
  • Pause and adjust your strategy to reflect experience gained on route to the goal
  • Suitable for cross-functional and intact teams at all levels
  • Ideal for use in both a conference and training setting
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Draft Day™ | Game On

Up to 5000 Participants | 2-3 Hours

The draft is open; are you ready?

As team owners and agents in the global sports industry, your goal is to be as successful as possible, whether by building a sports team dynasty, or by making the most profit possible for your clients as an agent. This is your opportunity to build die-hard loyal fans and score big! The challenge is great for both agents and team owners as they race to negotiate, build relationships, and buy and sell top talent.

  • Optimally use and allocate resources
  • Commit to achieving the best possible outcome
  • Capitalize on the potential of every transaction
  • Recognize the value of internal and external service
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Expedition Outback™ | Executional Excellence

20-5000 Participants | 4 Hours

We miss opportunities if we don't have the relevant information, can't understand it, or fail to apply it.

Do we have the systems and checkpoints in place to adjust strategies and action plans as circumstances change? If not, how can we efficiently evaluate, plan and execute in order to capture all opportunities? This is particularly challenging when we’re operating within high pressure, deadline and results-driven environments. Expedition Outback™ is experiential learning for exactly this situation. Discover the impact of fluid and effective execution as you work together to leave competition in your dust in the Australian Outback.

  • Problem-solve, contingency plan and execute
  • Discern and leverage quality information to yield the greatest results
  • Communicate more efficiently within the team to improve results
  • Build and re-engineer - as needed - information systems and checkpoints to speed progress
  • Recognize all opportunities and value their full potential
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Jungle Fire™ | Strategy and Tactics

20-5000 Participants | 2 Hours

Pursue the right objective and realize rapid success.

When we feel pressured to produce, it’s easy to skip the planning stage and jump straight into action. But if we do the analysis and make wise decisions from the outset, the path to improved results becomes much clearer and the potential greater. In Jungle Fire™ key lessons that optimize results are discovered firsthand.

  • Recognize that time taken in planning is time saved in execution
  • Make informed decisions about which objective will produce the best results
  • Identify and utilize all relevant information
  • Appreciate the variety of strengths that exists in your team and transform that into increased productivity
  • Take appropriate risks from a position of strength, not desperation
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Coral Banks Construction Company™ | Teamwork and Collaboration

20-5000 Participants | 2 Hours

Bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement with team collaboration to do the “impossible.”

Coral Banks Construction Company™ challenges participants with an ostensibly impossible task. But in this challenge, paralysis is quickly replaced with motivated, purposeful action as people explore the potential of “What’s Possible” with the power of collaborative teams. This experience bridges the gap between intention and execution, by addressing the critical skills - leadership, communication and resource management - that deliver cohesive teamwork and seemingly impossible results.

  • Build unanimous focus on clearly defined goals by harnessing the power of team spirit and unity to achieve them
  • Collaborate productively to share resources, assign tasks, and maintain quality standards
  • Communicate effectively and frequently, leading to greater productivity and job satisfaction
  • Achieve remarkable results as individual, team, and organizational efforts become more closely aligned
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Windjammer™ | Capitalizing on Opportunities

10-5000 Participants | 2-3 Hours

Success in a highly competitive market requires capitalizing on every opportunity.

Every business must juggle the impact of market conditions and resource management while working to maximize profit. Successfully managing these factors requires a practical, yet flexible plan to capitalize on and profit from all opportunities, not just those that are immediately achievable. Windjammer™ lets you experience the challenge of capitalizing on numerous opportunities in a competitive and intense environment.

  • Expand your profit focus throughout the stages of planning, goal setting, team building and execution
  • Adjust team tactics and resources to adapt, optimizing productive action and capitalizing on all new opportunities
  • Prioritize objectives and forge relationships to take advantage of profit peaks
  • Apply strategies to adjust to changing conditions and overcome obstacles in the moment
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Lord Devon's Demise™ | Running an Effective Meeting

10-500 Participants | 4 Hours

Goal achievement begins by executing meetings that create momentum.

Meetings can have a huge impact on success if we’re equipped with an easy-to-implement process that takes us from need to deed as effectively as possible. Lord Devon’s Demise™ delivers that process. This highly immersive experiential program breathes new life into a traditionally mundane topic. So, throw your preconceptions out of the window and embrace a new approach that turns meetings into momentum, not roadblocks.

  • Funnel and filter information accurately and rapidly
  • Elicit input from all involved parties
  • Eliminate diversions, and tangents, and stay focused on the core objectives
  • Make actionable decisions
  • Assign defined tasks, outcomes, and timelines
  • Learn how to follow up to monitor progress
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Code Name Enigma | Team Dynamics and Process Improvement

10-5000 Participants | 3-4 Hours

Tenacity and continuous improvement fuel high-performance teamwork.

At the core of the most successful strategies is a proactive, problem-solving team that can diagnose, learn, self-correct, and respond with improved outcomes. Code Name: Enigma™ equips teams with the tools to deliver to this high performance standard. Every challenge becomes an opportunity for team improvement.

  • Continually strive to improve team performance
  • Effectively solve problems, while continually seeking ways to improve
  • Consolidate team spirit, effectiveness, and a common team language into outstanding performance
  • Use the 7 standards of world-class teams as a basis for ongoing performance improvement
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The Discovery of Dr. Thomas Rae | Coaching

20 - 5000 Participants | 3 Hours

Leader's play a critical role in coaching effectively to produce optimal results.

When coaching is successfully implemented in an organization, individuals produce better results and the organization achieves greater outcomes. The challenge facing organizations is how to ensure that the power of coaching is fully understood, and is accurately and effectively applied.

  • Apply and practice coaching skills
  • Create stronger relationships better the leader and the team members- this translates to the improved performance of individuals 
  • Use teamwork principles as the standard for giving and receiving coaching and feedback
  • Increase retention and application of new skills 
  • Practice the C.O.A.C.H. principles over four successive rounds, becoming more proficient and skilled with each application 
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Dog Chicken Dog™ | Teamwork & Collaboration

40-5000 Participants | 30 minutes

Silence becomes synergy when everyone works in harmony.

Dog Chicken Dog will have everyone on their feet, blending sounds and rhythms together. It's ideal as a conference ice-breaker or re-energizing activity, and it's multimedia driven - no facilitator required! You will play the role of budding musician, equipped with a simple instrument that you'll rapidly learn to play. Ultimately, as you collectively master more complex arrangements, you'll see, hear and feel the potential for what can be achieved when many different talents collaborate, in perfect harmony, for a common purpose - and it will be music to your ears.

  • Appreciate the value of each person's contribution and their potential to contribute more to the whole
  • See the power of group synergy - when team/company performance can exceed the sum of individual effort 
  • Be accountable for what you can achieve as part of a larger vision
  • Break down the 'sound' barriers between individuals and increase team cohesion, morale, and productivity 


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Alpha Wave™ | Putting a Focus on Accountability

5-5000 Participants | 3–3½ Hours

Being accountable requires more than just a willingness to commit to the outcome.

Accountability is key to ongoing success. Individuals need to demonstrate it; leaders need to require it. Alpha Wave brings participants face to face with the challenges of delivering on those accountabilities, and provides tools to ensure success. It also highlights the choices available on that journey, and shows the consequences of the decisions made around those choices.

  • Reinforce that delivering on accountabilities requires knowing, understanding, and executing well every time
  • Emphasize that every choice carries a consequence
  • Commit to never letting a teammate fail
  • Appreciate the link between success and full utilization of all available resources
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