Innovation Training

From Idea to Implementation

Innovation can be taught, and linked directly to results.

Innovation made practical through culture, process, and tools. Learn how we do it.

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We Teach this using:

  • Innovation In Action

    The 1-day course

  • The Role of Each Leader

    Guidance and monitoring of the innovation process

  • "The Gateway"

    Determining which innovations to pursue

  • Winning Ways Website

    Captures best practices with a customized online tool

  • Keeping the Initiative Alive

    Online digital reinforcement and gamificiation

Innovation Killers

"It's too Expensive"

"You Don't Know All The Facts"

"No One's Ever Succeeded Doing it Like That"

"That'll Rock the Boat"

"Just To Play Devils Advocate"

“I Like It In Theory, But It’s not Very Practical”

Innovation Enhancers

""Building On That Idea..."

“How Do We Make That Work?"

“What Could we Do To Get Senior Management To Agree"

""I Love It!"

"Let's Come Up With More Good Ideas Like That One"

"What About Reshaping It?"

Is there a partnership in our future?

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