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There are natural forces in all organizational learning initiatives that get in the way of learning being effectively retained, and these can and need to be counteracted. Left unaddressed, learning decay can rob us of 70% or more of the training investment. Taking steps beyond the training event is critical to address this decay.

Measurement of progress and impact is half the solution, and worthwhile in and of itself; content reinforcement is the other half, and also equally valuable on its own. Taken together they ensure that new learnings are sustained until they become habitual.


Eagle's Flight has a robust suite of tools and expertise in measurement, reinforcement and communication support to ensure your organization's investment is fully realized in a sustainable manner.

If you measure it, you can affect it. If you reinforce it, you can realize it.


Featured Resource: Guide to Solving Learning Decay in Organizational Training and Development

People forget 70% of the new information they learn within one week. Overcome learning decay in your organizational training initiatives.

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Measurement Capabilities

Discover the power of quantifiable feedback with measurement and assessment services that support behavior change.


Competency Framework

This is a map of the most critical competencies for success in various roles within an organization, broken down into observable behaviors by function, specialty, or level of responsibility. Your framework model provides consistency for performance management and offers clear focus and direction for employee development and career progression.

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A discovery process creates clarity about your starting place relative to your desired outcome – critical to optimizing your investment and ensuring that you achieve the desired outcome. Identifying organizational barriers and enablers, our discovery process identifies the required behavior change, and the required measurement, reinforcement, sustainability, communication, and level of organizational commitment needed to guarantee the outcome.

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Culture and Engagement Survey

A fully customizable assessment can cover a broad range of issues across the organization, or it can be focused to gain insight on particular issues such as safety, customer centricity, innovation, teamwork, or accountability. These survey results can create the clarity necessary to significantly improve the focus and effectiveness of your initiative.

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Training Impact Scorecard

A training impact scorecard is a means of communicating the value of the training and development, or a means to assess the organization’s overall learning effort as it relates to a particular strategy. The scorecard is fully customized and provides a regular look at key metrics necessary to ensure success.

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Multi-rater Behavioral Assessments

At the onset of training, behavioral feedback creates personal relevance, conviction, and momentum going into the training initiative. Over the course of the learning journey, this data and supporting materials provide the baseline for setting expectations, coaching, and sustaining ongoing development. Post-assessment data can demonstrate behavior change and provide personal feedback.

Built upon our 3,000-question database, and based on our leadership competency model, questions can be tailored to incorporate your language and leadership philosophy. Having delivered multi-rater assessments for over 15 years, our process is turnkey, seamless, and powerful.

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Communications planning is a vital component of your training initiative or culture transformation, and Eagle’s Flight has Communications Specialists to help! We can create the strategy and then pass it over to you for implementation, or we can help execute on the tactics. It is vital to communicate well and often to inform and engage key stakeholders, and to sustain interest over the length of the initiative.

Effective communication strategies will:

  • Achieve key stakeholder understanding and buy-in
  • Fill information voids
  • Provide progress updates and metrics
  • Reinforce common language and key messages
  • Sustain momentum
  • Eliminate “water cooler” speculations

Reinforcement Capabilities

Ongoing post course reinforcement keeps the classroom learning top of mind and ensures that we remember and use the principles taught when back on the job. Eagle’s Flight’s reinforcement tools provide bite-sized snippets of the key learnings delivered after the training on a regular basis.


Mobile Reinforcement

Participants receive key learnings, questions, models, feedback, challenges, and tools based on the classroom learning and delivered directly to their smartphone or tablet. 




Knowledge Reinforcement

Using gamification, participants play short games that test their knowledge of content and reinforce its application to their job. Elements of gamification include leaderboards, ROI reporting, rewards and an interactive learner experience.


Content Reinforcement

Using various mediums, participants are reminded of the content and have the opportunity to look more closely at its relevance to their own work environment. 

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