Eagles Flight Asia and Catapult Present: The Council of the Marble Star™ Showcase

An Experiential Quest for Resources, Relationships, and Results

We live in an era marked by rapid advancements in AI and technology. Our workplaces now comprise five (and soon to be six) generations of workers, each with their unique perspectives. We face shifting societal norms, escalating expectations for corporate accountability, and an increasingly hybrid work environment.

Leaders need a steadfast bedrock upon which to stand. For companies, this is their vision, mission, and values. Having a clear understanding and unwavering commitment to these ideals is foundational to achieving antifragility—the capability to not just withstand change, but to thrive within it.

The Council of the Marble Star™ brings this theory to life and shows how deepening a company culture is crucial.

Secure your spot and prepare to ascend to the pinnacle of leadership excellence.

This experiential adventure starts off with a delicious breakfast of coffee and madeleines at 8:30 AM, so come early and be ready for an unforgettable experience.


24 April 2024, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM SGT
Come at 8:30 AM for coffee and madeleines.


Think Fast, Think Slow, Think Again Room, Catapult, 1 Rochester Park, #02-01 Rochester Commons, Singapore

The Council of the Marble Star™ Showcase

In Council of the Marble Star™, participants will compete and negotiate to become members of an elite ruling council. In order to earn a place on the Council, participant will need to barter, trade resources, build relationships and negotiate in order to become the victor. They will learn how to balance achieving results while maintaining personal integrity and company values while they face uncertainty, competition, and a changing environment. The experience will teach them that combining productivity and relationship-building skills creates a competitive edge for success.


PC Long - Facilitator

PC Long


Although an accountant by professional qualification, PC’s experience over the last two decades has primarily focused on leadership, management, organizational development, human resource training and people development. A special focus of this is the integration of leadership & talent development with the business planning and organization development strategies for a high performing and highly engaged enterprise. PC believes strongly in the experiential learning approach involving the “learn, practice and apply” methodology. He draws on his vast experience working with leaders, executives and teams from a diverse range of organizations and industries. His auditing and accountancy training developed his keen eye for details and discipline whilst his consulting experience has developed his leadership, communication, coaching skills. PC has been involved in numerous consulting, coaching, training and conference projects on a global basis. Some of his recent past clients include AXA, Bristol Myers Squibb, CIGNA, DHL, Ernst & Young, Fujitsu, Honeywell, LVMH Group, Mercedes Benz Financial Services, Shell, Texas Instruments. Aside from consulting, coaching and training, PC Long is a prolific business commentator. He was also a contributing co-author of a book titled “Malaysia – The Next Chapter”.

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