In all things we do - the training, the culture building, the team building, the conflict management, the onboarding - it all boils down to one thing:

Mindset is everything.

Growth vs. Rigid Mindset.

You can have the best business in the world, but if people have the wrong attitudes and the wrong behaviors, the business will start to falter. We help organizations move their people from a rigid mindset to a growth mindset - an imperative to create dynamic corporate cultures that foster collaboration, creativity and clarity.

Let the games begin!

We achieve a transformation of behavior by getting people to play games! People are thrust into unfamiliar scenarios: a hostile desert, a treacherous jungle or outer space. During the game, unexpected things happen, objectives can change and hurdles appear.

What does it have to do with business?

Everything! Business is a game too. The challenges that people have to overcome in our games are mirror images of real life. We make them aware of their behavior, attitudes and working style - and help them understand how to work in a team.

Who We Are in Numbers

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