Our Partners

A network of excellence spanning Asia, Australia, and the Middle East with a shared commitment to providing high-quality, innovative, and effective experiential learning programs.

Our Partners

A network of excellence spanning Asia, Australia, and the Middle East with a shared commitment to providing high-quality, innovative, and effective experiential learning programs.

Hong Kong, Japan
Middle East
South Korea

Our partners are fully equipped to deliver Eagles Flight's experiential learning programs wherever you may be in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

BYLD Group

Market: India

BYLD is the largest group in the South Asian region that provides technology-enabled HR and business productivity solutions. Since 1998, it has been delivering assessments, coaching, experiential learning, leadership & performance, and staffing services to clients around the world, which include Fortune 500 and Business World Top 1000 companies.

It is dedicated to enhancing people’s performance and driving organizational excellence among clients across a range of industries. Its curated solutions ensure sustainable growth and transformation.


Market: Hong Kong, Japan

Connect is one of the world’s most sought-after consultancies for soft skills training and coaching. It offers comprehensive training programs and customized solutions designed to foster the right attitude, mindset, and communication skills. Connect specializes in group training, executive coaching, consulting, conferences, and events, as well as experiential learning.

Its team of more than 30 facilitators and coaches deliver services in various languages such as English, Cantonese, Putonghua, German, Welsh, and Japanese.

They are passionate about helping individuals connect better with others and empowering organizations through professional development.

HPO Group

Market: Taiwan

HPO Group is a consulting, training, and publishing firm specializing in delivering leadership and management development solutions for multinational, private, and state-owned enterprise organizations in Greater China.

Founded in 1973, HPO Group serves an extensive list of clients across all major industries with a team of professional consultants and development professionals in Mainland China and Taiwan.

For over 50 years, with world-class talent development methodologies, it has designed tailor-made talent solutions for Fortune 500 companies based on unparalleled experience and knowledge of servicing organizations operating in the Greater China market.

Human Development Solutions

Market: Middle East

With a presence in the Middle East for over 12 years, Human Development Solutions contributes value by aligning, executing, and continually developing an organization’s most precious asset—its people.

It empowers individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving world by providing them with the skills, insights, and strategies necessary for excellence and attaining new levels of achievement.

Through a portfolio of more than 30 high-quality immersive and experiential learning programs, its innovative initiatives span a diverse range of industries to unlock authentic capabilities.

Its dedication centers around transforming organizations, delivering an unparalleled learning experience that fosters development, enhances performance, and delivers tangible results.


Market: Australia

For over 20 years, Phuel has helped organizations across Australia shape strategy, manage change, and develop and inspire people. With a high-energy, high-impact approach, Phuel delivers dynamic simulations, conference sessions, training, workshops, and learning experiences.

Phuel collaborates closely with organizations to co-create contemporary solutions that respond to real-world challenges and realize opportunities in an ever-changing landscape.

Whether you are looking for support in leadership, strategy change management, culture, innovation, or communication, Phuel delivers transformational, memorable experiences with measurable, sustainable impact.

PSI Consulting

Market: South Korea

PSI Consulting has been the leading HRD consulting firm since 1990 in Seoul, South Korea. Its partnership with Eagles Flight has enabled them to build their brand prestige and introduce innovative, well-structured experiential learning programs to local clients.

Over the years, it has developed long-term Eagles Flight advocates who continually ask for Eagles Flight programs for a variety of purposes.

RightCube Asia

Market: Malaysia

Owned and run by experts who have been in the training industry for more than 20 years, RightCube Asia is a company that collaborates with other brilliant program designers, thought leaders, and facilitators from across the world.

They execute a singular, common vision of helping you become an even better you, with purpose and with fun. They don’t just deliver programs; more importantly, they challenge thinking, change behavior, and help transform culture.