Arctic Pursuit™

60-90 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

Participants become research teams thrust into the Canadian Arctic to embark on an expedition to gather wildlife data, plan conservation efforts and reach their destination with the desired results.

The experience

Participants in Arctic Pursuit will embark on an exciting adventure into the wilds of the Canadian Arctic. As part of a research team, they’ll have the opportunity to track and study the migratory patterns of some of the region’s most fascinating wildlife. Whether it’s figuring out the best way to gather data or brainstorming ideas for conservation efforts, there’s never a dull moment in this action-packed experience.

Teams will start at Crazy Moose Artic Outfitters where they will lay out their plans to reach White Wolf Lodge where they can refuel and prepare for the rest of their expedition to the Northern Lights Research Station. Teams must successfully reach the Northern Lights Research Station with sixty polar bears, thirty arctic foxes, and ten snowy owls. The real challenge is how teams make the most of every opportunity and utilise all available resources to maximise results.

Learning outcomes

  • Resource utilisation: Understanding and reviewing available resources is crucial to success

  • Strategic thinking & tactical outcomes: Setting priorities and creating a plan to deliver on the strategy

  • Initiative: Take initiative and make a commitment to achieving all that is possible 

  • Reflection: Pause to review and adjust the approach enroute to any goal 

  • Commitment: Understand the importance of making the non-negotiables the first priority 

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