Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion™

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Eagles Flight’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion™ program helps employees understand and appreciate individual differences.

The experience

Intentionally building an organisation where employees and leaders embrace inclusion and where everyone feels that they belong can have tremendous benefits on any organisation. From improved employee engagement, to decision-making, to more innovation, to increased bottom-line results, an inclusive organisation provides an undeniable competitive advantage that makes customers want to work with you and employees want to work for you.


Eagles Flight’s in-class or virtual diversity and inclusion training program is customised to your unique needs to ensure the content resonates with the realities of your workplace. Regardless of the level of customisation that occurs, all participants will learn what it means to understand and appreciate individual differences, become self aware of their own biases and how to manage them and the role they play in creating an inclusive culture. Learning this means that participants will return to work equipped with the skills they need to participate in an organisation where diverse points of view and backgrounds are celebrated and harnessed.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand and appreciate individual differences

  • Be self-aware of personal biases and address them

  • Take action to create an inclusive environment

  • Intentionally reach out to others to ensure everyone feels included

Program details

  • Full day
  • Contact us for more information on the number of participants
  • Ideal for training at all levels

From developing human skills to transforming your organisational culture