Elk Manor™

180 minutes | 5 to 50 pax

Teams are members of Global Recovery Inc. looking for missing jewels in a secluded manor where it is said that a world-famous thief, the Grey Mist, has hidden them.

The experience

In order to succeed in business today, it is imperative to forge productive business relationships within the context of the corporate culture. While the pressure to produce results can undercut how we behave and interact with others, the quality of our working relationships greatly impacts productivity.

In Eagles Flight’s virtual experience, Elk Manor, participants learn what it takes to do exactly that by metaphorically finding as many hidden gems as possible in the allotted time. At the end of the experience, participants are evaluated on their ability to produce results and their relationships with others, which a skilled-facilitator then uses to highlight what has been learned and how to apply it back on the job.

Learning outcomes

  • Uphold company culture while delivering on commercial accountabilities

  • Recognise the impact of reputation and perception on personal success

  • Identify areas for improved interpersonal effectiveness

  • Apply feedback on how personal actions are perceived vs intended

Program details

  • Half day
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Virtual experience

From developing human skills to transforming your organisational culture