60-90 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

Evolution™ is all about dealing with change as teams are tasked to recreate complicated illustrations every round within a given time frame.

The experience

Participants will be plunged into a fun and competitive environment where they’ll have to recreate as many intricate illustrations as possible within the time frame. The real challenge is how well teams can assess and manage the changes from round to round. It’s a thrilling experience that will not only put participants’ skills to the test but also their ability to work under pressure and adapt to change.

This experience helps bring to life the perils of uncontrolled change and the associated emotions. Evolution allows participants to practice team, change management and communication skills intentionally and strategically.

Learning outcomes

  • Vision: Harness a vision and gain the involvement of all stakeholders

  • Clearly define expectations: Define expectations for all involved in change 

  • Communication: When communicating, utilise time and relevant information effectively 

  • Prioritisation: Learn to focus on the key priorities and identify and apply repeatable learning

  • Sustaining energy: The importance of sustaining energy throughout a change journey

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