King Kahufu™

180 minutes | 5 to 50 pax

In King Kahufu™, groups work to best capitalise on a recently discovered pyramid. They are the local Mayor, an Archeologist, a Scientist, a Producer and an Entrepreneur

The experience

In Eagles Flight’s ancient Egypt-themed virtual experiential activity, King Kahufu™, participants become agents representing major interest groups assembled to assess a newly discovered pyramid and propose a plan of action for opportunities that have emerged as a result of the discovery. The goal of the experience is to accomplish personal objectives as well as the team’s collective objectives via the virtual learning platform.

Learning outcomes

  • Practice and apply the Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork™

  • Optimise team performance to positively impact results

  • Create a cohesive, effective team with a singular mindset

  • Communicate with clarity and purpose

Program details

  • Half day
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Virtual experience

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