Rattlesnake Canyon™

240 minutes | 5 to 5000 pax

In Rattlesnake Canyon™, participants discover how to leverage strategic partnerships to gain a competitive advantage.

The experience

It all begins with a need, but do we really know what that need is? Unless we identify the true customer need from the outset, all of our efforts to fulfill it will fall short. Once identified, it is then our responsibility to find the best way to fulfil it and make a profit, all while managing shifting market trends, competition and demanding deadlines.

In Eagles Flight’s experiential learning programme, Rattlesnake Canyon™, participants will get hands-on experience on how to leverage effective partnerships to meet customers’ needs and create an undeniable competitive advantage. In this fast-paced, high-energy, simulated marketplace, participants will need to engage all of their sales, negotiation and communication skills to forge powerful strategic partnerships amid hectic competition and limited resources. In today’s world, customers are looking for strategic partners to build a relationship with and fill a need long term. Will your organisation be able to do so?

Learning outcomes

  • Identify, understand and respond to internal and external customer needs

  • Implement quick and clear communication to establish two-way comprehension

  • Seek out new and innovative ways to achieve the maximum profit possible

  • Initiate efficient processes that expedite workflow and proactive customer service

  • Develop strong and mutually beneficial partnerships, internally and externally

Program details

  • Half day
  • Up to 5000 participants
  • Ideal for all team members for training or corporate events
  • Customisation and various delivery options available
  • Post-course reinforcement and retention options available to maximise impact of training

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