Rescue Orion™

180 minutes | 5 to 200 pax

Teams of 5 crew a spaceship which must gather resources and bring them to scientists who are stranded at the Orion space station and in dire need of help.

The experience

In Eagles Flight’s space-themed virtual experiential activity, Rescue Orion™, participants become crew members of the Gemini 1 – a space craft designed for critical rescue and crisis-related missions. With their teams, participants will share information only they have by using virtual tools and platforms to solve the assigned challenge.

Learning outcomes

  • Focus on how your actions and role contribute to the business outcomes

  • Effectively prioritise issues, anticipate consequences and tackle with urgency and intensity

  • Strategically use all the information and resources at your disposal

  • Utilise effective planning so that actions can be made with purpose and confidence

  • Be prepared with your best options and approaches to present

Program details

  • Half day
  • Up to 200 participants
  • Optimal participant count per team: 4 pax
  • Virtual experience

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