Tongo’s Tower™

45-60 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

Creativity, problem-solving and calmness under pressure are put to the test as teams try to build the tallest possible tower using a set of materials in a limited amount of time.

The experience

Are you ready for a challenge that will test your team’s creativity, problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure? Imagine building a tower that will support Tongo, a determined monkey searching for a new home atop a towering structure. The stakes are high – the taller the tower, the better the chance for Tongo to find his perfect home.

In this exciting experience, teams will work together to construct the tallest tower possible, using only the contents of a box. Each team will have the same materials and time limit, but only one team will emerge victorious as the builder of the highest tower capable of supporting Tongo. This challenge will not only ignite your team’s competitive spirit but also promote teamwork and innovation. Are you ready to take on the challenge and see which team will rise to the top?

Learning outcomes

  • Growth mindset: The importance of having a growth mindset and identifying opportunities to course correct in the face of shifting conditions and successfully navigate market changes

  • Agility: The ability to deploy tactics quickly allowing you to capitalise on the existing market whilst preparing for future-facing opportunities

  • Innovation: Creating repeatable patterns that result in a measurable gain

  • Collaboration: Build cohesion and consensus among team members in order to earn the right to influence and ensure you have an environment that engenders psychological safety

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