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5 Organizational Training Blogs You Should Be Reading

By Dave Root on December 29, 2016

5 Organizational Training Blogs You Should be Reading blog.jpegIt seems like the trends and best practices in the world of organizational training are always changing or being put under the microscope. How do you keep up with all the changes in such a dynamic field? By cultivating a few trusted resources and checking in with them often. If you want to keep abreast of the best research, thought leadership, and trending analysis in organizational training, check out these five top blogs.

1. ATD Blog, from the Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Updated a few times a week, the ATD Blog does a great job of highlighting industry trends as well as hard data and statistics—much of which comes from studies and surveys conducted by ATD itself. The ATD website has a ton of additional resources (both free and paid) on organizational training, including e-books, a monthly magazine, and certification resources. Topics range from training measurement and ROI best practices to e-learning and instructional design.

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2. Training Day Blog, from Training magazine

Brought to you by one of the biggest voices in organizational training education, the Training Day Blog is full of little nuggets of actionable tips and thoughtful takes on age-old training topics. Many of the blog posts are centered on controversial questions like “Should you judge applicants by their Facebook page?” and “Should you be encouraging less collaboration?” They’re fresh takes on new trends or old ideas, and even if you don’t always agree with the writers’ conclusions, they’ll certainly get you thinking about organizational training and development in out-of-the-box ways.

3. Eagle’s Flight Organizational Training and Development Blog

If you’ve landed here from a Google search or social media click, I’d encourage you to check out our blog a little more in depth (or subscribe so that you don’t miss a post!). We’ve organized the Eagle’s Flight blog around topics that we know organizational training and development professionals are most interested in—like skill-building, retention, measurement, and experiential learning—to make it easy to learn more about the issues that you care about most. Plus, our actionable blog posts are backed up by the outcomes and findings of nearly 30 years of running our own training programs for Fortune 500 businesses. We’ve got the data and experience to back up our blogs.

4. HBR.org, from Harvard Business Review

The online home for Harvard Business Review curates a feed of blog posts for you based on the topics you have chosen you are most interested in.  If you’re not already, you should be following the “Human Resources Management” topic. What’s great about the human resources and training posts on HBR.org is that they’ll often get granular: analyzing data, laying out case studies, and presenting research that’s often been conducted by the writers themselves. Why not go straight to the source?

5. The Corner Office Blog, from The New York Times

While not strictly focused on organizational training topics, NYT.com’s “Corner Office” column gives unique insight into what’s on the mind of some of today’s greatest business minds. Each week, journalist Adam Bryant will interview an executive of a major company and share that executive’s thoughts in a lightly edited Q&A format. Recent interviewees include the chief executive of OpenTable, the COO of the Minnesota Vikings, and the president and CEO of PBS. If you’re involved in choosing or developing leadership training and development programs, this series is a gold mine! You get unfiltered insight into leaders’ personal journeys, the personal and professional moments that lit a spark within them, and their thoughts on what defines strong leadership today.

How do you stay up to date on what’s going on within the world of organizational training?

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