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Excerpts from The 5 Summits of Winning by Phil Geldart

By Eagle's Flight on June 28, 2011

Phil Geldart’s latest handbook, The 5 Summits of Winning, draws the powerful connection between ‘accountability’ and ‘winning’ and provides a practical model for harnessing that connection. Here are just a few select excerpts:

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In business, “winning” means climbing a mountain range of five summits, five levels of accountability, and each summit is more challenging than its predecessor.


And each summit is itself a challenge. Mastering each individual summit is truly a win in itself.


Be sure you can deliver what you’ve committed to do. Recognize that to reach Summit #1 there is only “done as promised”, or “not done”. There is no “tried really hard.


Every sales rep must deliver their committed number, not assume another rep will overachieve if they come up short. The sales team may look strong in the aggregate, but, up close, be frayed if one or more reps are counting on another’s overachievement to offset their shortfall.


To help another to be able to give is itself a great gift.


There is always a gap between the best and those next in line. The measure of greatness is the size of the gap.


On Summit #5, neither the future nor the present must be put at risk. Success must occur in both.


Winning is an act of the will. Behaving so as to win is an exercise of that will.

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