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The Results Are In: Employee Engagement Drives Everything

describe the imageAccording to the recently released, annual survey on North American employee engagement, conducted by Achievers (a provider of employee recognition and engagement solutions), elevated levels of employee engagement impact directly upon multiple organizational and commercial objectives.

Razor Suleman, founder and chairman of Achievers, stated, “Companies that focus on employee engagement tend to perform better financially, attract and retain the best talent and enjoy improved customer service and client retention.”

It makes sense.

If employees are passionate about, and wholeheartedly committed to, their employer’s culture, values and vision, they will respond with superior performance and productivity. As we’re well aware here at Eagle’s Flight, there is a huge performance gap between workforces who simply produce what’s required, rather than what’s possible.

Analysts have referred to this differentiator as an employee’s ‘discretionary effort.’ This is the degree of effort and performance that someone chooses to provide because they are highly motivated by their dedication to the company, its leadership and goals.

What does this really mean?

Since Eagle’s Flight is the expert in total engagement (via experiential learning, focused on business, training objectives), here’s what this looks like in practice.

Employees will:

1. Stretch beyond their job descriptions to generate more and better individual and team results

2. Work longer and harder—without resentment or martyrdom—when there’s a crisis or impending deadline

3. Be proud ambassadors for what they do and for whom they work

4. Choose to stay and contribute their accumulated experience and skills, instead of job-hopping in search of better pay or benefits

5. Willingly and cheerfully provide superb internal customer service, which of course, dovetails into superlative external customer service

6. Attach tangible value to their working conditions, relationships and level of job satisfaction, in addition to their salaries or hourly rates

7. Respond with understanding and patience when sacrifices are necessary

Of course the ultimate organizational results from fully engaged employees are sustainable growth, dependable in-house succession and an enviable reputation that will attract both superior human talent and new business. 

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