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Is a Customized Training Solution Worth the Investment?

By Ian Cornett on November 12, 2019

Training solutions come in a variety of formats and delivery options, and identifying the solution that is the best fit for your organization is key to maximizing the return on your investment.  Traditional, off-the-shelf training programs may appear less costly and seem easy to implement, but because they are not tailored to address your organizational uniqueness, they may fall short in the area that counts most: achieving lasting individual behavior change and tangible, long-term results. 

A customized training solution requires the right partner and a plan that will ensure the training delivers on your desired outcomes. For many reasons, a customized training approach makes great business sense. Here are five reasons why a customized training solution is well worth the investment.

It Is Highly Relevant to the Realities of Your Workplace

Simply offering training provides no guarantee that it will adequately prepare your employees for growth and advancement. In fact, one study found that only 15 percent of employees feel the training they get prepares them for their next position. A one-size-fits-all training course might be good at imparting generalized lessons, but if the training content isn’t relevant to the realities of your workplace, the impact of the training is likely to be underwhelming, and employees may feel ill-prepared for current and future roles. Instead, a customized training solution can be developed that directly addresses the real challenges, opportunities, and scenarios your employees face every day. With a customized solution that is relevant to employee experiences at work, employees will be better equipped to apply what they learned in training once they’re back on the job.
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It Incorporates Your Internal Language

Having a common and consistent internal company language helps everyone in the organization communicate and build understanding. According to research by Deloitte, a shared language removes communication barriers and helps “educate many people deeper within the organization which, in turn, can help improve their ability to contribute to the performance of the company.” When company training solutions incorporate your internal language, individuals can really connect with the content and see its value in the context of their role, their team, and the organization as a whole. Instead of the generic terminology commonly found in many training programs, a customized solution can incorporate the acronyms, terms, and business language that will hit home and that employees will find relatable.

It Aligns with Strategic Goals and Desired Culture

A training solution will be more effective when it’s been designed with your organization’s goals in mind. For example, traditional sales training may cover negotiation and communication skills, but if your strategic goals include building a more customer-centric sales organization and culture, it makes sense to select a sales training solution that can be customized to address those goals. Customization also ensures that employees don’t undergo training that conflicts with company goals and culture, which is not guaranteed when you deliver training that’s been created to be overly broad and applicable to as many kinds of organizations as possible. Customized training can be designed to suit your culture, not someone else’s.

It Maps to Desired Competencies 

A customized training solution allows you to build and support your organization’s competency framework. Whether individuals need to build skills in effectively running meetings or coaching their teams for improved performance, a customized training solution can prioritize highly desired competencies and focus less on those areas where employees are already very strong. A customized solution also allows you to tailor training to employee learning timetables. For example, in one quarter, you could deliver training that introduces a particular competency. Then, in the next quarter, you could build on that by delivering training that provides individuals with opportunities to engage with more challenging learning content in that specific competency area.

The Look and Feel Matches the Brand

To deepen the impact of training, you naturally want a solution that engages employees and gets them thinking and acting differently at work. When you have a hand in the design of the training format and delivery, you can ensure it possesses those elements that are likely to be most attractive to your employee population. If you want training to be fun and interactive, you can design learning in a way that sets that tone. Similarly, if you desire training that is applicable to both leaders and employees on the front lines, you can tailor the characteristics of the training to match those parameters as well.

Customized training solutions can be an impactful addition to your company’s training program. They help you ensure that training aligns with company goals, is relevant to employees, and is delivered in a way that engages them and brings about real behavior change. Customized training can also be designed to complement existing, more traditional training you may offer, helping you to execute your corporate training strategy and achieve a strong training ROI.

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