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Recommended Reading for Leading Teams That Thrive in Transitional Times

As individuals, teams, and organizations adjust to the new reality of working remotely, leaders will play an essential role. Leaders must provide necessary support, assistance, and coaching to ensure individuals can deliver on their accountabilities and responsibilities during this time, teams can fulfill their projects and tasks, and organizations can find their footing in an unsettled and uncertain world. If you are in a position of leadership during this time, then the following list of reading material was curated with you in mind. We encourage you to take a few moments to read one or more of the listed articles as they may prove helpful during this time of significant transition for all.

  1. 6 Insightful Staff Bonding Ideas to Unite Remote Teams
  2. The Importance of Strong Leadership in Times of VUCA
  3. 6 Strategies to Motivate and Inspire Your Team
  4. The Difference Between Change Management and Change Leadership
  5. 5 Ways Leaders Can Help Their Employees Win at Work
  6. 8 Strategies for Running an Effective Team Meeting
  7. 4 Ways to Provide Strong Leadership in Times of Change
  8. 5 Strategies to Improve Teamwork and Collaboration At Work

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