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Recommended Resources for Leading in a Virtual World

By Eagle's Flight on October 7, 2020

We’re in the middle of a work revolution and the path to being a successful leader is more complex than ever. While remote work has been on the rise for years, COVID-19 dramatically and irreversibly changed  where and how we work.

This fall, if you find yourself with a few spare moments, it may be beneficial to skim through any one of these resources for leading in a virtual world.


Coaching in a Changed Workplace: A Leader's Guide to Coaching Employees In-Person and Online

This comprehensive guide addresses everything you need to know about creating leaders that drive maximum performance and productivity from their teams while also contributing to a positive corporate culture.


Staying Connected: Creating Human Space in a Virtual Place Webinar

Social distancing doesn’t need to mean a lack of connection. As more and more individuals experience working remotely than ever before, it is important to be intentional about creating and maintaining connections. Learn how to create a virtual environment that fosters connection will help individuals maintain a sense of belonging in this webinar. 


Virtual Team-Building: Using Experiential Learning to Increase Collaboration in a Remote Workplace

Given the nature of remote work, impromptu chats at the water cooler or spontaneous lunches are no longer possible which can leave employees and leaders feeling disconnected from each other and the organization. This can have negative repercussions and is one of the reasons company leaders have felt increased pressure to encourage collaboration. In this guide, find out the benefits of a connected workforce and how experiential learning improves the success of virtual team-building.


A Practical Guide to Leading Change

For leaders at all organizations, change is inevitable and managing change is best accomplished with a deliberate, structured approach. In this guide, learn the five essential behaviors and skills that the very best change leaders have and use to ensure success.

Wishing you continued success,

The Team at Eagle's Flight


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