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The 2019 Summer Reading List for Busy Leaders

Summer is upon us, and with the lovely long evenings and slightly slower pace, it’s the perfect time to drag a lounge chair under a tree and catch up on your reading. If you’re looking to add some leadership material to your summer reading list, here are some of our top recommendations that are sure to help you become a stronger leader!

lead meetings guide cover bookLeading Effective Meetings

The ability to run effective meetings is an essential leadership skill that can reduce wasted time, increase accountability and collaboration, and provide opportunities for individual professional growth. Learn how to add purpose and productivity to every meeting with our guide on running effective meetings.


time mgmt cover book-1

8-Step Guide to Time Management & Productivity

This one is because everyone likes to feel like they’ve gotten the most out of their day! This guide covers eight steps — with practical exercises — to help you sharpen your time management skills and overcome barriers to productivity. 


delegation guide cover bookEmpowering Employees Through Effective Delegation

To truly maximize the time you have to do the things that only you can do, you need to be able to delegate. Though when done well, delegation also empowers your employees by providing opportunities for growth and development. If you’re ready to maximize the potential of your team, as well as your own time, check out this guide to effective delegation.


coaching guide cover bookCoaching Your Team

Leaders can bring out the best in their team members is by embracing their role as a coach. The best leaders use coaching to improve employee engagement, help develop individual skills, and as a result, support overall organizational performance. Fortunately, effective coaching can be learned. Read this guide to learn how to bring out the best in your team.

mastering comm guide cover book

Mastering Communication in the Workplace

The key to your success as a leader is brilliant communication that engages and inspires others. Effective communication shapes opinions, influences behaviors, and guides outcomes to the benefit of the whole organization. This practical guide delves into what truly makes a master communicator with applicable tips to become one yourself.


Whether you get the chance to read all of these practical guides, or just one, it is a key step in your development as a leader. To stay up to date on all the latest guides, subscribe for our weekly update here.

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