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[Video] The Role of Communication in Culture Transformation

By Eagle's Flight on November 2, 2017

Keeping communication open can help foster a successful culture change by reminding employees of the end goal. Communication is also essential for overcoming any bumps in the road along the way. Watch our short video blog to learn more. 


Video Transcript

Phil: Ongoing communication is key to any successful culture transformation. That communication has got to be sustained.
John: Absolutely, because the line manager, or the CEO, whoever it happens to be keeps that focus on the endgame, but also on the line of sight to the next step in the process. So communication becomes critical all the way through.
Phil: And I think you're right if we can't maintain that line of sight, other things happen, other things occur in the life of the company and they lose sight of why they're doing it, and it becomes flavor of the month.
John: That's right; that next shiny object. So we always have to keep the endgame in mind, but also that next step in the journey.
Phil: I think the communication has to include not only why we're doing it, and the benefit of doing it, but also keep track of the progress so people can see we're making headway; there may be pitfalls or hurdles along the way, but we're going to stay the course and people need to see that progression and that success.
John: We’ve got to plant flags every time we've succeeded a milestone and we've got to be able to provide that rationale so people keep that understanding top of mind.
Phil: Absolutely.

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