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[Video] Customer Centricity and Empowerment: Why You Need Both

By Eagle's Flight on January 1, 2020
Empowerment allows employees of any organization to take initiative, show courage, speak up, and make things better for their customer. This is critical in a culture of customer centricity as the most significant improvements to the customer experience will be through the actions of employees who see an opportunity, care about making it a reality, and if possible, actually doing something about it. Ultimately, if you are able to equip employees with the mindset, tools, and a environment of empowerment, they will quickly be able to contribute meaningfully as they work to ensure that customer expectations are consistently met. In this video, Phil Geldart, author of "Customer Centricity: A Present and Future Priority," shares his thoughts on this topic.


Video Transcript

Phil Geldart: In an empowering organization, they can help. They have the authority, they have the freedom.

You know, employees who are dealing with customers all the time really want those customers to be well served, by and large. They see the problems that customers have, they feel the problems viscerally – emotionally sometimes. And they would really like to help. In an empowering organization, they CAN help. They have the authority, they have the freedom, they know what the boundaries are – what they can, and what they can't do – so they can step in, take initiative and do something.

In an organization that is not empowering, all they can say is, "Sorry, I can't help you. I have to talk to somebody else. I have to pass it up and get approval." The customer is not happy, and they're not happy. In the first scenario, an empowered organization is success building on success; in the second scenario, you get people being frustrated and just disengaged with the whole process – and that passes on to the customer. So, empowerment is a vital component of customer centricity.

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