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[Video] The Power of an Enviable Customer Experience

By Eagle's Flight on January 15, 2020

While there are many measures of corporate success, one is particularly powerful: “imitated global competitor” – in other words, a business that others in a similar industry want to be like, on a worldwide scale. To be an imitated global competitor with respect to customers, your customer’s experience must be enviable. That is, the customer experience is consistent and predictable. The customer always gets what they want. The customer’s entire experience is important, not only the service, which is transactional, and not only the product you sell, which is tangible. A truly enviable experience is all-encompassing and includes subtle yet profoundly important elements such as customer feelings, how the customer is treated, overall quality, thoughts around price, decisions about whether or not the customer would buy again, etc. in other words, it requires a true culture of customer centricity to achieve.


When the customer’s experience is so good that they wish every other company were like yours, then they go back to your company again, and again, and again. In this video, Phil Geldart, author of "Customer Centricity: A Present and Future Priority," shares his thoughts on this topic.


Video Transcript

Phil Geldart: What I think is really exciting is when you can galvanize the organization around the concept of being so good, that you are enviable. That everybody wishes they were like you.

I know there are a lot of metrics around customer centricity and customer service and the impact they can have on the organization, the bottom line, profit, and growth. But let me share with you something which I think is really cool. I think when you get customer centricity right, the best measure is when your customers say to their neighbors, their friends, and their family, “I just bought from,” fill in your company name, “XYZ company – I just wish everybody in the world were like them.” That, to me, is when you've arrived.

I wish everybody in the world were like them. They care about me. They treat me well. They're efficient. They're practical, they have great service, whatever it is. That to me is the ultimate test when people say that about you.

And I think when you try to harness the energy of your organization around customer centricity, it needs to have that kind of heart to it. Not something that is cold and sterile and “we're just doing it to get the numbers up” and so on. I think there's a place for all that. But I think what is really exciting is when you can galvanize the organization around the concept of being so good, that you are enviable. That everybody wishes they were like you. Then you've arrived.

Download the free chapter of the "Customer Centricity: A Present and Future Priority."

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