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Customer Centricity Phil Geldart Book Cover
New Release

Customer Experience

Customer Centricity: A Present and Future Priority

In this new release, Phil Geldart, eight-time author, experiential learning expert, and CEO of Eagle’s Flight, shares his insights on what it takes to create an enviable customer experience. Written to help organizations committed to building a singular focus on the customer, it includes practical steps to take, components critical to long-term success, and real-life case studies.

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Culture Transformation Phil Geldart Book Cover

Corporate Culture

Culture Transformation: Purpose, Passion, Path

Culture transformation can be an exciting time for any organization. It is visible action taken to move from the present to the future. It typically involves many, if not all, of the people in the organization, and has the potential to refocus and re-energize the entire workforce. But transformation of that magnitude can be challenging. For this reason, "Culture Transformation: Purpose, Passion, Path" contains insights and key principles that will lead you to success.

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Experiential Learning Book Cover Narrow

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning: Changing Behavior to Improve Performance

Since Eagle’s Flight first brought experiential learning to the training and development world in 1989, there has been an ever-increasing appreciation for its effectiveness as a behavior change tool. With that appreciation has also come a much greater demand for it to be part of training curriculum designs. As a result, Phil Geldart put pen to paper for this book to provide professionals with clarity on what experiential learning really is (or should be) and how to add it to training and development initiatives.

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In Your Hands Phil Geldart Book Cover


In Your Hands: The Behaviors of a World-Class Leader

"In Your Hands, The Behaviors of a World Class Leader" presents a complete package. Together, the application of all the concepts in this book will allow the reader to deal with those they lead in a manner that enables them to make the greatest contribution possible. While the material is presented in small, easily read and understood units, when taken as a whole, the book provides a reliable guide to becoming a truly world-class leader.

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Lead Yourself Cover


Lead Yourself, Lead Others: Eight Principles of Leadership

Great leadership is not about trying to be what we're not; rather, it's about helping others be the best they can be. For that to happen, we must be the best that we can be. In "Lead Yourself, Lead Others: Eight Principles of Leadership," Phil Geldart outlines eight key areas that are crucial to the character and success of a leader at any level. 

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The Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork Phil Geldart Book Cover

Teamwork and Collaboration

The Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork

The benefits of teamwork have long been established. Productivity, engagement, and corporate culture all improve when you have a highly collaborative workforce that is focused on teamwork. But how can you get there? In this unique book, Phil Geldart brings the concepts of teamwork to life through a fictional story that highlights the importance of the seven cornerstones to the success of any team.

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The Leader's Triad

In today’s world, people are a leader’s most important resource to a degree never seen before. In "The Leader’s Triad: The Power of Clarity, Team, and the Individual," Phil Geldart shares how leaders can fully harness the talent, energy, and motivation that resides in every individual, and achieve leadership excellence.

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