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Robert Bosch Canada manufactures and markets products to enhance the lives of Canadians, including power tools, security and communication systems, automotive original equipment and aftermarket solutions, industrial drives, control technology, and more. Having established a regional presence in 1906, the Bosch group employs nearly 34,000 associates in more than 100 locations in North America and continues to grow.

As the customers’ needs evolve and Robert Bosch Canada continues to grow, the demand for strong leadership becomes even more imperative to the organization's long-term success. As such, the organization identified 20 of their most senior leaders for further training and development to build a strong pipeline of ready-now and future leaders. It became a strategic priority to provide individuals with the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others to equip them to get great results from their teams.


In today’s marketplace, it’s essential organizations have a competitive edge that drives their success now and into the future. Robert Bosch Canada recognized this and identified the opportunity to equip their leaders with the skills to drive productivity, teamwork, and results.

“We are busy, we go hard,” said John Scinocca, Vice President and General Manager at Robert Bosch Canada. “We have to see results, and sometimes the best way to get those results is to step back and build a stronger team.” It became increasingly clear that to build a leadership team, they would need to take an innovative approach to the process that took their leadership development outside the traditional classroom environment. As such, they approached Eagle’s Flight, a custom leadership development provider, in search of a strategic partnership that would capture the hearts and minds of everyday leaders, that was not only impactful, but sustainable.


In 2017, a lively and productive partnership between Eagle’s Flight and Robert Bosch Canada took shape. Not only was this a period of ongoing change for the organization, but it was an opportunity for team-building that cannot happen in the day-to-day hustle. Based on the identified challenges and areas of opportunity, a six-day customized leadership development curriculum was created and rolled out to the identified group of leaders.

This customized solution was the ideal match for the needs of Robert Bosch Canada as it provided learning in the areas that would make the biggest impact on the business. Over ten months, leaders progressed through the six modules, with each one building on what was learned in the previous one. This approach not only allowed leaders to begin on common ground, but to progress with confidence as they were given plenty of time, resources, and tools to practice their new skills and behaviors.

Every Eagle’s Flight solution to leadership development incorporates the power of experiential learning. We recognized that this interactive learning style would greatly benefit the valued leaders of Robert Bosch Canada, and worked to coach them on how best to apply the knowledge and skills acquired through the training back on the job. Over our six days together, leaders were learning by doing and not by just listening, reading, or watching someone else.



Robert Bosch Canada maximized the potential presented by each training and development initiative. Those who led the initiative ensured that it was a time of team-building, development, relationship, and progression. Leaders personally took part in every module, making it clear to their fellow leaders that they were invested in their development and believed not only in the content and delivery, but also in them as people. This supported the goal of creating a united leadership team, as they could return to work aligned and able to support each other post-training.

These leaders have also brought the practical tools provided in the training sessions back to their teams. Today, their meetings use a common language and framework for diagnosing and solving the complex issues that they face. They also facilitate higher quality feedback from their teams so they can make optimal business decisions.

This group of 20 senior leaders completed the curriculum fully aligned on what leadership excellence looked like at Robert Bosch Canada, and how they as individuals would contribute. This leadership team found—or rediscovered—the passion every great leader needs to drive results and motivate their employees.


“Getting to a place of greater competency through leadership development is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to commit to doing. But when you get there, it’s worth it. It’s great for you, the people around you, and for the business.”

John Scinocca

Vice President and General Manager, Robert Bosch Canada

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