CMOC's Success Story

An International Mining Company Made Safety Top of Mind by Taking a New Approach to Training


Established in 1955, CMOC Brasil works in an industry engaged in mining and processing of niobium, a rare element that has transformed the world of engineering, and phosphates, a vital resource in modern agriculture. CMOC is committed to being a sustainability leader by creating economic, social, and environmental value wherever they operate. Safety is one of their top values, and they continually work to ensure their teams in all locations always have safety top of mind. 

With this objective, they approached Eagle's Flight for help to align leaders throughout the organization with the company's safety values, to transform the workplace into an environment where every employee and leader is committed to protecting each other’s health and safety at all times. When employee attitudes and behaviors demonstrate the ideal of total workplace safety, then you’ve created a safety culture that yields a range of important benefits. 

Learn how CMOC began to do exactly that with the help of customized safety training for their International Safety Day where their motto was "Safety First, Safety Always."




Safety First. Safety Always.

Today is the last group of Safety Day with the leaders responsible for the change process in each of our departments. Today we are using an experiential methodology. We take people out of their day-to-day jobs, and into the classroom. We established some activities that are lighter, more playful. They draw you in. They went to a jungle where they are developers for a company called Alpha Wave. It builds structures so that researchers from all over the world can collect samples there, for their experiments. When you take a class like this, you can assimilate what safety means much more easily because it’s in the palm of your hand. It is important for us to develop this more critical point of view. We need to have a firm approach to the smallest details to prevent a major incident from happening.

I had the opportunity to participate in the course in both Catalão and Cubatão. In either place, it influences the day-to-day results. This game gives us a new tool to reinforce this concept.

I will leave here feeling very motivated, wanting to do many things differently.  This training is very impactful in that way. I think that people set the example. So, if we want to set an example, we need to be an example.

People will leave here with that mission.  Not just to make that choice, but with a mission to share it with others. Plan to take part in the work that will happen, and it is going to be amazing.

We are going to talk about this, not just in the company, but with our families, at home, with friends. And I am sure it is going to be really useful.

I choose safety.

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“Safety always comes first for CMOC. We needed to ensure our leaders would have a simple way of training and coaching their teams in the field. Eagle’s Flight understood our vision and goals and created a totally unique solution for us. They went above and beyond to make the experience fun, engaging, and easy to understand. Our leaders are now able to effectively coach our teams in the field to ensure our organizational mindset of safety.”

Celso Katsumata Junior

Brazil Safety Coordinator

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