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Corporate Events

Find A Great Experience

We transport participants out of the ordinary and immerse them in environments that grab their full attention. 

The same-old, same-old isn’t going to cut it anymore. Traditional event activities do not achieve high levels of engagement. It’s too easy for attendees to deviate attention to something else—like their phones.

By their very nature, our experiences capture the attention of everyone. No matter the perception attendees walk in with, it’s not very long before each person is drawn into the experience by the theme, storyline, and the challenges their team faces.

You’re hooked. You’re invested. But the one thing you’re not doing is watching the clock wondering when it is over.

Corporate Events

Have Fun & Learn

Our programs make your participants smile and teach them things they will remember and action.

There’s a reason we are often described as the highlight of our client’s virtual and in-person corporate event. The energy and excitement when attendees participate in an Eagle’s Flight program are unlike anything they have yet to experience.

From the transportive nature of the theme to the interactive elements that will have attendees working alongside their peers, our programs bring an undeniably fun and memorable experience to your event happening anywhere around the world.

Corporate Events

Make an Impact

We understand your business goals for the event and tailor the program to ensure that months later the desired impact was obviously achieved. 

Every event is unique, from your attendees, to the message and the brand. That’s why all our programs can be tailored to fit the theme and goals of your meeting, off-site, team-building, or conference event. Whether on the beach in Cabo, or in a boardroom at an Airport Hotel, we ensure desired impact happens.

No matter how many participants or how much time you have, we’ll work with you to map your event outcomes to the organizational impact that you want to achieve. Outcomes may include teamwork and collaboration, workplace culture, agility, leadership and change, sales effectiveness, or customer focus. In any case, we have the team and content to cover even the most specific objectives.

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Event Type

  • All
  • In Person
  • Virtual

Participant Profile

  • All
  • Individual Contributor
  • Mid-Level Leader
  • Sales
  • Senior Leader

Common Conference Themes

  • All
  • Accountability
  • Achieving Results
  • Building Relationships
  • Capitalize Opportunities
  • Change
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Customer needs
  • Decision-Making
  • Driving Results
  • Leadership
  • Maximizing Resources
  • Planning to Win
  • Problem Solving
  • Productivity
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Workplace Culture

Looking for Conference Options?

How have we helped others?


Team Leaders Collaboration Day

Team building exercise focused on leadership and collaboration with Team Leaders.

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Custom Coaching Program

Gold of the Desert Kings and custom coaching program leveraged in a staff conference development day.

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Trusted Partner in Virtual Event

Delivered Rescue Orion for sales rep conference. Designed and built skill-based workshops to sustain learning.

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Experiential Learning & Experiential Giving

Half day event focused on collaboration, teamwork, and key learnings on planning and strategy.

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Celebrating Together!

Brought 2,000 participants together for annual conference. Papa Johns was able to tie the EF activity to the messaging.

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Improving Collaboration Cabability

Designed and delivered a multi-day conference for a newly hired team to develop key competencies.

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Cross Silo Collaboration

Create a customized experience to help leaders see the impact individuals can have on bottom lines.

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Transition Development

Support newly promoted tax accountants to create an environment that promotes productivity and improve strategy.

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Improving Leadership Communication

Worked with Vice Presidents in creating and delivering Powerful Stories for increased team communication.

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