Tired of participants snoozing their way through your corporate events? Time to try a theme on for size! Impactful corporate event themes are fun, consistent, and purposeful—and, when done right, they transform your event into a hotly anticipated opportunity to learn and grow, rather than just another work obligation. To light a fire in your participants, try one of these three creative themes at this year’s corporate events.

1. Board Game Boogie

Incorporate a bit of childhood nostalgia into your corporate event with a theme centered on the classic board games of yesteryear, like Monopoly, Life, or even Candyland. As participants complete activities and sessions throughout the event, they advance through the “game,” winning prizes along the way.

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The beauty of the board game theme is that it allows you to create and easily communicate the roadmap for your event. It’s a great way to get the company crowd excited about what lies ahead (think about all the fun you can have designing the agenda handouts!). They can easily visualize the progress they’ve made while at the event. Instead of losing steam as the week of corporate events goes on, participants will be energized, knowing that they’re inching closer and closer to the “winning” board game spot.

2. Company Idol

Who doesn’t love a high-energy game show theme? American Idol may have come to an end, but it is still one of the most popular themes for events. You can include music-themed experiential learning activities, pump up the crowd with fun jams throughout the day, and consider setting up a karaoke corner where participants can let loose after the sessions end for the evening. You can also try separating participants into teams that will be evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges throughout the event—but instead of awarding marks based on musical talent, they’ll be judged on their tenacity, teamwork, and overall progress made during the event. Consider appointing members of the executive team as judges; it’s a great way to get leadership involved and visible at your corporate events.

3. Destination Deep Dive

If you’re hosting an off-site meeting or corporate event in a different city, consider theming your event around the destination. Host a classic New England clam bake if you’re up north, go with a “Wild West” theme if you’re in one of the frontier states, or plan a glamorous “Old Hollywood” theme if you end up in sunny L.A. Reminding your participants that they’re far away from their regular office confines will help them loosen up and let their guards down, allowing for deeper learning and team bonding. Stepping into a new environment allows them see their colleagues, company, and themselves in a whole new light—which is exactly the point of hosting off-site corporate events.  

Conference themes will bring fun and energy to your organization and help to create excitement for the event now and well into the future. Have you tried themes with your corporate events? What types of themes have you tried?

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