Employees often dread corporate events — the awkward icebreakers, the boring holiday parties, and the dull presentations. The pressure is on to make the event interesting and fun, but also serve a purpose. Here are six unique corporate event ideas to serve as a theme or to incorporate into your next event, which will be sure to generate a buzz with your attendees.

1. Try Out a GIF Booth

Photobooths that take static images are so last year. Enter: the GIF booth. These booths take multiple images and instantly turn them into an animated video clip, or GIF. They have become insanely popular lately as an activity for corporate events. Rent a GIF booth for your next event to capture experiences and engage employees. Your coworkers will have a blast sending and sharing their GIFs back in the office via email. For maximum fun, set up props that fit with your overall event theme to tie everything together.

GIF booths can also establish a connection with customers by building brand exposure with images shared on social media. Some booths allow you to add your company logo for easy sharing—just don’t forget to let everyone know what your event hashtag is!

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2. Capitalize on the Food Truck Frenzy

We’ve watched food trucks sweep the nation as chefs and entrepreneurs unite to come up with a novelty food to specialize in. Typically, food trucks serve some kind of “street food,” which is a fun way to try something new (and delicious). Look for trucks that have a menu that can be tied into your event’s theme. These non-traditional vendors may even work with you to create a perfectly aligned meal. Depending on the size of your event, you may want to consider more than one truck. Share a menu teaser beforehand and your participants will be salivating.

3. Offer a True Learning Experience

Experiential learning sessions are the next generation of company events. They are a fun way to get participants interacting together while building a wide range of valuable skills and abilities, often without realizing it in the moment. Experiential learning programs can address common business relevant topics such as:

  • Breaking down silos
  • Improving communication
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Decision making

These types of events disguise critical training as immersive games with a theme. By appealing to the senses, experiential learning creates a feeling, gets people to reflect on their decisions, and intensifies retention of the content. If you need your conference to deliver entertainment and address business goals, this is one idea to embrace.

For bonus points, take the program theme and apply it to your entire event. This will make the experience even more immersive.

4. Inflatables for Adults

Inflatable jumpy castles aren’t just for kids anymore. Many companies are opting to incorporate pop-up inflatables that fit the theme of their corporate event. They’re novel and whimsical, which makes them all the more memorable. Blown up obstacle courses, carnival games, and even full restaurants can be incorporated into company events—just make sure you’ve got someone with a strong set of lungs!

5. Embrace “Om”

Stressful work environments (or any groups looking to relieve stress) can benefit from one of the latest corporate event trends: meditating. In addition to reduced stress, the benefits of meditation include:

Add in a meditation session led by an instructor to your company event to create an environment where employees feel relaxed and free from any worry or judgment associated with work. Employees that “om” together, stay together.

6. First, Let’s Take a Selfie

Why not leverage the popular social media platforms your employees are already addicted to for your next company event? Organize a selfie scavenger hunt. In case using a selfie stick to take a group photo wasn’t cutting it--soon you’ll be able to invest in the selfie drone to capture forearm-free ‘dronies’ from the air! Here’s how to organize your game:

  • Split attendees into teams of three to five individuals.
  • Create a list of landmarks in or near your venue for each team to take selfies with.
  • Encourage teams to post photos on social media or your company intranet site.
  • The first team to take all the selfies OR the team who posts the most selfies in an allotted time period wins!  

Download Guide: The Guide to Interactive and Engaging Company Events

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