After helping event professionals host experiential corporate events, conferences, team offsites, and annual meetings for over 30 years, there is one question we get asked all the time: do I have the right audience for an experiential event? This may be due to the fact that the concept of experiential corporate events has gained significant attention recently, but has left some event planners who are new to the idea unclear on the specifics of how experiential events actually work.

So, do you have the right audience for an experiential event? The Answer Is...Yes!

Hosting an offsite for all your newly-graduated employees to welcome them to the company and the workforce? Experiential events are for you.

Planning a sales conference with high-achieving, sales-driven people who can’t sit still and want to see the value in spending time away from their phone? Experiential events will work perfectly.

How about a teambuilding event for a department with a wide range of ages, where titles and roles vary, and general interests are incredibly eclectic? You guessed it — experiential events will work for you.

This is the power of making your corporate events experiential — every audience is the right audience.

Why Experiential Events Work for Every Audience

We are currently seeing a massive change in consumer-spending behaviors — research shows that across every generation, people now prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than material goods. In addition, a recent survey by Eventbrite reported that seventy percent of respondents felt that attending a live event expands their perspective more than learning about a topic in other ways. When we combine these two preferences, it is easy to see why experiential events are growing in popularity and many event planners are eager to jump on the trend.

The fact is, when an event attendee walks into an event and faces row upon row of chairs, they know what is on the agenda for them: a day of lectures and PowerPoints — which is not always the most exciting and thrilling start for attendees.

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On the other hand, when you make your corporate event experiential, the vibe of your event is fun and captivating right from the get-go! From the moment the event kicks off, it breaks out of the mold of traditional events. When you incorporate experiential elements into your event, the vibe in the room is fun, and it feels anything but tired. You are creating an immersive environment that fully engages participants, regardless of their age, role in the organization, or level of seniority!

Not only is the story of an experiential event engaging, but the content and the way it is delivered is more fun, relevant, and interactive than attendees have experienced at corporate events in a long time. Rather than reading, watching, or listening, in experiential events the content is presented in a format that appeals to every learning style on some level. It’s the ideal solution for event planners who are faced with a diverse audience and have been tasked with engaging them all.

Take, for example, Eagle’s Flight’s flagship experience, Gold of the Desert Kings™. In this particular experiential team-building event, attendees are put into teams who are sent on the hunt for treasure but have to cross a vast and perilous terrain to find it. In this experience, attendees will bond with their teammates over a shared, immersive experience while learning memorable productivity skills at the same time. This is the kind of experiential event that has the power to engage people of all ages, backgrounds, and job titles.

Attendees are craving experiential events; this fact that shows up across the board in the top trends of the year. This is because experiential events are the key to engaging any audience — regardless of age, role, or desired event outcomes — and are something to seriously consider for your upcoming corporate events.

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