Whether you have recently accepted a new role or were “volun-told” to help organize the next company event, if you have never done it before, corporate event planning can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, countless others have done it successfully before you, and you can learn from their experiences. Use these tips as you begin planning your next event to ensure success.

Understand the Objectives

Knowing the purpose of the event is critical for its success. Is the objective to have family fun at a summer picnic, announce and roll out a new initiative, or use the time together to learn new skills that support organizational objectives? Work closely with key stakeholders to get a clear understanding of the goals for the event and create an agenda that will help you achieve them.  

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Stay Organized with a Comprehensive Checklist

When it comes to corporate event planning, there are a lot of moving parts—more than you would expect if you have never done it before. Who is in charge of making sure the wireless microphones have batteries? How will attendees get to the venue from the airport, and when are they all arriving? Have you planned for various dietary restrictions? Keep track of all these logistics with an event planning template and make sure you have a detailed checklist to refer to throughout the planning process.

Keep It Interesting

Nobody wants to hear negative comments after a corporate event. Even if you are new to event planning, you don’t have to play it safe with session after session of slide-based presentations. Mix it up with creative themes, outdoor events, educational workshops, and experiential learning. Attendees will be grateful for the variety, and key stakeholders will appreciate the value that thoughtful planning and execution bring to the organization, especially if you integrate sessions that contribute to lasting behavior change.

Work with a Trusted Partner

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Planning a corporate event takes serious time and resources. Allocate some of your budget to an experienced provider to deliver memorable experiential learning events. With customizable programs, you can target the training to your specific objectives and tailor it to the nuances of your organization. Taking this daunting task off your plate also allows more time and attention for all the other planning details you must consider.

Keep the Momentum Going

Although you will certainly deserve a break after the big day, event planning doesn’t end when attendees check out of the hotel. After sparking enthusiasm during the event, you’ll want to maintain the momentum in the weeks and months to come. Gather participant feedback to learn how to improve your next event. If you included experiential learning sessions, follow up with learning reinforcement and measurement to keep participants motivated and to see how much performance improves as a result of the experience. This type of follow-up can also be provided by the partner that delivered the training.

Corporate event planning is a demanding job. However, if you start with a clear understanding of the objectives, use a planning template, and refer to your comprehensive checklist, the logistics will fall into place. Working with an expert partner to create an immersive experience that produces lasting results will not only increase participant engagement, but it will also satisfy key stakeholders who recognize that the organization is getting a meaningful return on its investment.


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