As the new year quickly approaches, many of us will reflect on the highlights of the past year and look onward to what is ahead. As an event professional, you are often unmistakably proud of the work you have accomplished and the events you have hosted, yet you are keenly aware of what is scheduled ahead of you and the planning that will be required.

Here at Eagle's Flight Corporate Events, we are feeling the same way. This feeling made us look back at the great resources we had the chance to create and share with you this past year. Perhaps you have only recently joined us or have been with us for years. Regardless, now is the time to share the best of 2019. The following resources are the ones we collectively feel will benefit even the busiest event professionals come 2020.

If You're Short On Time...

FAQs of Experiential Events EReaderThe FAQs of Experiential Events Infographic
Organizations and event planners are increasingly incorporating experiential activities and elements into their corporate events. Their popularity is certainly justified, particularly for event organizers who are looking to achieve specific outcomes when they bring their teams off the job for a day or two — but they aren’t the only ones who want experiential corporate events. Learn more about this unique approach to corporate events in this infographic

If You Would Rather Watch Than Read...

Sales Meeting Agenda Video on Laptop-01-01-01[VIDEO] 3 Things To Remember When Planning Your Next Sales Meeting Agenda
Regular sales meetings are an essential component in building and maintaining a positive and productive sales culture. Plan and run effective sales meetings that your sales reps feel are a valuable use of their time. Watch this video to learn a few tips on planning a sales meeting agenda.


If You Want to Plan Ahead for 2020...

Team-Building Events: A Kick-Starter Kit
From stronger relationships, to improved trust, and reduced conflict, team-building events boast a number of benefits when planned and executed effectively. The real question many event professionals have is how do you plan the best possible event that fully engages attendees and wows stakeholders. To help answer this question, we created the Team-Building Events: Kick-Starter Kit. Download your copy and bookmark it here!


Choosing a Corporate Events Agenda that Wows
Thinking of fresh new ideas for every corporate event you plan is no easy feat, especially if you put on several events a year. It can be all too easy to slip into the routine of sticking to what's tried-and-true. To help you make the most out of your event agenda, we updated one of our most popular guides, Choosing a Corporate Events Agenda That Wows, with new tips, tricks, and ideas. Get your copy here.

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