Gamification can take many shapes. When thoughtfully implemented, it has the power to transform your event into a fun, engaging, and outcome-driven experience that delivers the ultimate goal for an event planner: happy attendees and stakeholders.

The trend of incorporating gamification into events, business, and learning has recently exploded and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. In 2018, the global gamification market was valued at 5.5 billion USD and is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 30.31 percent through 2024.

Though it has grown in popularity, many still don’t know exactly what it means or how to do it. Here’s a simple explanation of event gamification and how to make it a reality at your upcoming corporate events and meetings.


What Is Event Gamification?

The term “gamification” refers broadly to the practice of adding game-like elements and principles into non-game contexts. So event gamification simply involves incorporating these types of elements into an event to make it more interesting, engaging, and fun. Points systems, rewards and prizes, competitions, problem-solving tasks, and experiential activities are all examples of things that can be used to gamify a corporate event.


What Are the Benefits of Gamification?

Break the Boring-Meeting Cycle

One of the main goals of event planners is to plan events that are fun and engaging. Gamification is a great way to break out of the same old boring meeting setup and add some interest. Incorporating a game or activity that involves immediate problem-solving requires collaboration and ownership over the task, which ultimately increases engagement. And, since games and friendly competition release dopamine, the feel-good hormone, people will find gamified corporate events more enjoyable than traditional meetings and PowerPoint presentations.Get Them Engaged: A Practical Guide to Event Gamification. Get your free copy  here.

Build Stronger Teams

When done well, gamifying your corporate event can be a great way to build stronger teams. There are a few reasons for this. First, introducing a friendly competition or completing an experiential activity gets people engaging with one another rather than sitting in rows facing a stage for the day.

But perhaps more importantly, getting people working together creates a shared experience, providing an opportunity for people to bond over a common problem. Working together gives everyone a chance to see each other’s skills in action, and figure out how best to collaborate in a fast-paced setting. These experiences also create a common language that attendees will use to keep the conversation going long after the event is over.

Improve Learning Retention

Gamification also improves learning retention. Instead of just hearing the information, attendees learn by engaging with the information, and applying it to overcome a challenge, score points, or find the items in their scavenger hunt. Actually using the information in the moment reinforces the concepts and allows people to test them out and understand the benefits of the learning in a tangible way.


Create Lasting Impact

When events are fun and engaging, help to build strong teams, and people actually remember what they learned, this translates to an improved return on investment for your stakeholders. Fortunately, you don’t need a six-figure budget to achieve all three of these things!

Gamifying corporate events just takes a clear understanding of the goals of the event, an innovative and creative mindset, and a drive to create a truly engaging experience for attendees. This can be done on almost any budget, with any audience, and for any event objective.

As the focus of the events-industry turns to interactive, hands-on, and experiential events, gamification is only expected to grow. Taking steps to gamify your corporate events is not only fun, it improves attendee experience and dramatically increases the impact of the event.


Download Guide: Get Them Engaged: A Practical Guide to Event Gamification

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