Meetings may be a necessary part of work, but that doesn’t mean they have to be tedious or dull. On the contrary, it is possible, and even beneficial, to make internal meetings more effective by making them fun. One study that looked at over 2,000 minutes of meeting footage found that meetings with fun and humor triggered better problem-solving, more procedural suggestions, and greater goal orientation during the meeting. The researchers then looked at the outcomes following the meetings found that teams who held fun meetings met or exceeded their goals, and showed more professional efficiency than teams who did not. Whether you are planning your weekly team meetings, a town hall for the company, a sales meeting, or a leadership retreat, it pays to make your internal meetings more fun. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Start With a Win

Kick off smaller meetings, such as team meetings or sales meetings, by going around the table and have each person share a win they wish to celebrate. These wins can be anything – from something small like a promising conversation with a prospect or good traction from a social media post, to something epic like closing a deal, shipping a product, or hitting an annual target. Whatever they are, having each person share starts the meeting on a positive note, and makes everyone feel valued for their contributions.

Incorporate a Theme

Having an engaging guest speaker can work for any type of company meeting. Consider inviting local entrepreneurs, authors or experts in different topics like storytelling, tapping into your creative side, becoming a top performer at work – anything that would be a fun way to foster a more creative and positive workplace environment. 

For team meetings, you could invite an internal speaker, such as a colleague of another department, who can talk about what they do, and how your team’s work impacts their work. This can have a range of benefits from giving your team a better sense of the big picture to celebrating their contributions to the company’s success.

Invite an Engaging Speaker

Once you know the goals you need to work toward, as well as what worked and what fell short at past events, you can take a closer look at what tasks will need to be completed and what you need to accomplish to plan and execute a successful event. After establishing what tasks need to be completed, think carefully about the skills and expertise that will be needed for those tasks.

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Go Somewhere Different

Make meetings more fun and interesting by shaking up the physical space. Whether you book a different meeting room each time, take it to a communal space in the office, or take it outside, holding meetings in different settings can make it feel fresh and new. It can even be fun to take it off-site periodically – consider a restaurant or cafe so you can wrap it up with a team lunch, or host it in the party room of a local attraction so you can do some team building while you’re there.

Have an Interactive Activity

One sure way to ramp up the fun at your internal meetings is to have an interactive activity from time to time. For a shorter meeting, you can begin with an icebreaker or energizer – both are short, high energy, and can be humorous and fun. Once or twice a year for a longer meeting, you may have time for an experiential activity – here are some ideas to consider.

Make Meetings More Fun

No matter who you are meeting with or what the purpose of the meeting is, it’s beneficial to make your internal meetings fun. Whether you use one of the ideas above or come up with something entirely unique to your organization, everyone will be ready to solve problems, review upcoming campaigns, tear down roadblocks, and gain clarity on responsibilities and desired outcomes if you put some thought into making the meeting fun.

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