When it comes to company events, a stunning location, five-star venue, and gourmet food are all great, but will only get you so much return on the investment. When you spend the money to bring everyone together for a conference, team-building event, or sales meeting, you probably want them talking about something other than just the beef tenderloin once they are back at work. Yet according to EventMobi, only a tiny portion of most corporate event budgets actually goes toward the content itself. 

By investing more in the content and learning aspects of your company events, you will get a much bigger bang for the buck, and believe it or not, your employees will be happier about it. Here’s why.

Provides Value for Employees

Investing in your employees is one of the smartest decisions you can make from a business standpoint. When you invest in employee and team development, not only do you create higher-performing teams of skilled employees and a pool of promotable talent, you improve employee engagement and loyalty. According to a LinkedIn report, people want to work for employers who will invest in their development. They are more likely to seek companies that make employee development a priority, and stay longer when organizations invest in their careers. The report also found that the biggest challenge for employees is finding the time for learning. 

Enter your corporate events. Getting everyone together at an event creates time and space that you can use to help them to develop skills through training activities, and build connections through team building. Investing in valuable, engaging content at these corporate events shows a much greater level of employee appreciation than having them sit through hours of semi-relevant presentations in exchange for some fancy hors d'oeuvres and big-name entertainment.

Follow these 5 best practices to maximize the investment in your next corporate  event.

Not only do employees want opportunities for professional development, creating these opportunities at company events generates real value for the company. By investing in content that emphasizes teamwork and equips your teams with practical skills that improve their confidence and job performance, you get the benefits of lower turnover, greater productivity, and a happier, more skilled workforce.

Investing in content that supports employee development and team building can result in a more positive and efficient organizational culture, more engaged employees, and ultimately, a stronger bottom line. 

What Does This Look Like?

Building an agenda full of valuable content starts with identifying the goals for the corporate event. Sitting down with company stakeholders and employees to figure out the most pressing areas will give you some ideas, then you will need to select and articulate an achievable objective.

Once you know what you want to get out of the event, you can figure out the best way to develop the content that will get you there. A good mix of presentations, experiential activities, and smaller group sessions will appeal to the widest range of preferences and learning styles. 

In our brains, happiness and learning are closely tied together, with positive emotions activating the learning process. That means content will be more impactful when it is delivered in fun and engaging ways. Experiential activities check all of the boxes because within a single activity, you can teach practical skills, build teamwork and collaboration, and share information. The key is to go with an experiential events provider who will work with you to tailor the experience to your specific objectives. By tailoring the experience, you will get a much greater return on your investment as you will be directly addressing specific company needs and goals as opposed to trying to draw connections to something that may not completely fit.


Corporate events are an opportunity to provide real value to employees, and get real results for the organization. While a gourmet cupcake bar with 24-karat gold flake sprinkles sounds memorable, spending the budget on food, entertainment, and the venue won’t translate into lasting employee engagement or a positive effect on your bottom line. Instead, consider allocating your budget to include content that really matters so your employees will feel like you value their time and goals, and the organization will benefit from their improved skills and loyalty.

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