Whether the goal of your corporate event is to break the ice in a group, build camaraderie among teammates, or help the individuals in a team learn more about each other, team building activities are most effective using a hands-on and interactive approach. For many corporate events, this means branching out from old favorites like mini golf tournaments and scavenger hunts, and seeking out alternatives that directly apply to your attendees. Enter experiential team building events.

Why is this evolution of team building happening? Why are experiential events trending? In our experience, there are a few reasons for this:


1. Expectations Are Evolving

According to research by the Event Manager Blog, 82% of corporate event planners selected budget as a top concern in planning events; the next-biggest concern was coming up with new ideas at 62%, followed by ROI at 54%. Event planners are looking to make the biggest impact they can with the budget they have available.

Team-building events aren’t just about golf tournaments and concerts anymore. The pressure is on for event planners to plan team-building activities that have real value — that is, activities that will help attendees build relationships across departments, create alignment, and ultimately, add to the bottom line.

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2. The Audience Makeup is Changing

Millennials now make up 35% of the workforce, with Generation X in second at 33%. Corporate event planners are seeing the impact of this labor force composition, and are looking for ways to engage audiences in new ways. According to Eventbrite, three out of four millennials prefer experiences over things, meaning event planners are looking for ways to create experiences for these attendees.

At the same time, no one wants cringe-worthy activities that make everyone uncomfortable — and going too extreme into things like rock climbing can exclude attendees with physical limitations or personal fears. So event planners are faced with finding just the right experiences that will engage attendees while providing value.

3. Increased Availability and Awareness of Alternatives

A quick Google search of the term “team building” turns up 6,370,000,000 results. The sheer volume of information available to event planners is both incredible and overwhelming, and event planners are no longer tied to a limited list of event ideas.

Thanks to our ultra-connected world, not only can event planners now explore new and exciting event activities that go beyond keynote speakers, but they can also examine the benefits of doing so in order to choose just the right activities for their audiences and goals.


Putting it All Together

So to summarize:

  • Corporate event planners and their stakeholders want to plan team-building events with measurable benefits and strong ROI

  • Attendees want experiential events that are engaging and provide real value to them professionally

  • There is an endless stream of ideas at our fingertips that set the bar high

As a result, experiential team-building events are gaining popularity because they provide real value to attendees and stakeholders.

Experiential team-building events provide opportunities for meaningful interaction by bringing groups together to solve a problem or overcome a challenge. During the activity, attendees work in teams to overcome a challenge that requires cooperation and problem-solving in a fun and competitive way. Once the challenge is debriefed by a skilled facilitator, attendees can also begin to understand the bigger picture of how they all fit together, as well as how to collaborate to everyone’s benefit back on the job.

With all of those benefits, it’s no wonder that experiential team-building events are having a moment. They are fun and engaging for attendees, they can provide a measurable ROI for companies, and they are making a big splash online. Maybe it’s time for your company to try an experiential event for your next team building day!

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