Team-building activities can take many different forms, especially when used in a corporate event or meeting. They run the gamut from experiential activities, to escape rooms, to skills training, and have the purpose of building high-performance habits in teams. If you are unsure of the exact benefits of team building and the importance it has on the performance of individuals, teams, and the organization, consider the following reasons which should help explain why team-building is important and how hosting corporate events can help.

Improves Trust

A recent study on teamwork found that the number one factor that makes teams healthy, productive, and successful is psychological safety. This safety is built on trust – that no one on the team will be negative when someone admits to making a mistake, asks a question, or talks through new ideas. Team-building events that push everyone far enough out of their comfort zones that they must take risks together, while also providing a safe place to fail, help to build bonds and reinforce the benefits of collaboration.

Enhances Communication

Team building is very important to optimizing and improving communication within teams. When a team-building game includes a complex problem with a tight deadline, team members learn quickly that communication is crucial to success. When they take this realization back to work, it has a tangible impact on how teams communicate with one another, thus leading to better team outcomes, working relationships, and employee engagement.

Highlights Individual Talent

A well-designed team-building activity is important in revealing individual strengths within the team context. When each person steps up and contributes their unique talents to the solution, it can reveal skills and strengths that may not have been obvious at work within the constraints of roles or job titles.

Increases Collaboration

Building on that point, when attendees begin to recognize their own and their teammates’ strengths, they can use that knowledge to the team’s advantage. When individuals collaborate by combining their skills and strengths in the best possible way, they produce far better results than any individual could on their own.

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Boosts Problem-Solving and Creativity

Research shows that strong teams are more creative and better at problem solving. Through team-building events (particularly those that include experiential activities) that require attendees to think more creatively than they otherwise might, it inspires teams to innovate and creatively problem solve, which are skills and experiences that can be applied back on the job in challenging or new situations.

Teaches Attendees to Use Conflict Effectively

Conflict doesn’t have to be a bad thing – in fact, it is a normal occurrence and natural side effect of presenting different ideas and viewpoints. Some team-building games spark healthy conflicts that can be resolved safely in the event space and used as a point of learning. These conflicts may reflect how individuals and teams deal with conflicts at work and help them objectively look at how they can apply what they learned at the event to their conflicts in the workplace.

Improves Employee Engagement

Team-building events are a great way to show employees your appreciation, and are important to many organizations larger employee engagement strategy. Keeping things fun, investing in your people, and celebrating successes together all help boost employee engagement, which increases revenue and reduces turnover.

Reinforces Workplace Culture

A sometimes-forgotten benefit of team building, particularly team-building events, is that they reinforce corporate culture. Team-building activities provide a common language to frame discussions in ways that are consistent with your desired culture. And by focusing on the behaviors that make up your culture, such as communication, trust, fun, and continuous learning, team-building events can be a positive way to reenergize employees and spark a commitment to upholding the company culture.

Generates Organizational Alignment

Last but not least, team building can be used to build alignment across the organization. Breaking down walls and silos across departments and reminding everyone of the organization’s purpose in an event will inspire teams to come together to achieve organizational goals back on the job.

Conclusion: Strong Organizations Are Made of Strong Teams

When teams work together effectively, they overcome individual weaknesses and create collective strength. Team-building events are a terrific way to create those strong teams that are aligned with organizational goals, consistently produce strong results, and embrace the company’s culture.

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