It is not every day event professionals have the opportunity to plan outdoor team-building events. If you find yourself with an outdoor venue for an upcoming corporate event, and are looking to deliver your event content and message in a unique, interactive, and engaging way, we have a solution to seriously consider as you put together your corporate event’s agenda. That solution is experiential activities. 

What Are Experiential Activities?

Experiential activities mimic real-world scenarios using highly-themed challenges that have attendees actively listening, thinking, and solving problems instead of just passively absorbing information. As teams work together, a friendly competition unfolds, which for many attendees keeps them engaged from start to finish. By the end of the challenge, some teams will come out on top while others will be wishing they had performed better. This is crucial and it sets the stage for a revealing and inspiring facilitator-led debrief. During the debrief, attendees will come to realize that how they behaved in the challenge impacted their success, and that it is closely related to situations they face regularly on the job. 

It is not unusual to hear attendees say that experiential activities are unlike anything they have ever seen or experienced at a corporate event. For many people, this is a good thing! Attendees have a great time at the event and learn valuable lessons, while stakeholders reap all the benefits of a highly engaged audience that eagerly returns to work with new skills and a fresh attitude.

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3 Reasons to Add Experiential Activities to Your Outdoor Team-Building Event

As an event professional, you probably have a list of trusted and timeless team-building activities. Though if your team-building events are feeling tired or not producing the results stakeholders expect, here are three reasons to consider making your next outdoor team-building event experiential.

  1. Customizable to Your Needs - Customization makes this type of event highly valuable for event professionals and their stakeholders because experiential activities can be customized from the number of attendees, to the length of the activity, to the theme. While they are a hit at indoor team-building events, the content can be adapted and developed to be delivered outdoors. 
  2. Relevant to a Wide-Audience - Experiential activities are not only exciting and high-energy, but the content is delivered in a fun, interactive, and relevant way that appeals to teams that are made up of everyone from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. Unlike some other types of outdoor activities, they are inclusive for people regardless of physical ability, and they don’t place anyone into situations that could potentially cause fear or embarrassment. Regardless of your audience composition, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during an experiential activity. 
  3. Maximize the Impact of Your Theme - As you now know, experiential activities are almost entirely customizable. This means that if you have already selected a corporate event theme based on your outdoor venue, these activities can serve to maximize its impact. For example, Eagle’s Flight’s flagship corporate events program, Gold of the Desert Kings, is a whirlwind desert adventure. Therefore, if you are planning an event that aligns with this theme or its setting, this experiential event will only benefit your attendees' engagement with the event, the agenda, and the venue.

Making Your Outdoor Team-Building Event Experiential

Experiential events are an incredibly exciting and engaging way to approach any type of corporate event, meeting, or conference. This is especially true for outdoor team-building events. The next time you find yourself event planning for an outdoor venue, consider adding an experiential activity to the agenda to boost engagement, ensure relevance, and of course, improve team dynamics and promote team bonding.

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