You make checklists for groceries, meeting agendas, projects, tasks, and for other situations when you need to track progress. Why? So you don’t forget important items or responsibilities.

Checklists can be used in virtually any industry to help us organize information, prioritize tasks, maximize efficiency and overall improve our performance. If you are not already using a conference planning checklist, consider these reasons to jump on the checklist bandwagon.

Details are Everything

Although the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” might be good advice for life, it does not apply to planning a company event. Staying on top of even the smallest detail is important for success. A comprehensive conference planning checklist can help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks, but remember, your list is only as good as the items in it. Take the time to brainstorm all the tasks you will need to complete to pull off a memorable event, and tailor any conference checklist template to your specific needs. Include categories for every element of the conference, including any speeches that need to be given, experiential learning sessions you plan to deliver, and payments you need to make.  

 Download the guide: A Month-by-Month Timeline For Corporate Event Planning.

Nobody is Perfect

Even the most experienced event planners cannot keep every bit of information in their heads. Whether you plan one company event a year or are responsible for a regular training program with weekly or monthly events, don’t rely on only your memory to get you through the days.   

It Takes a Village

Chances are you are not the only person involved in planning a company event. Checklists make it easier for teams to communicate when tasks are completed so they can work more efficiently, and more importantly, ensure that items are not forgotten. Divide your checklist into categories so it’s easier to assign groups of tasks to individuals. Use a centrally located checklist (either physical or digital) so everybody on the team can see when items are checked off. This is especially helpful when certain tasks are dependent on others being completed first.

The Wrench in the Works

No matter how much you plan and how well prepared you are for a company event, something is bound to go wrong. It might be as minor as the wrong color napkins being ordered, or as significant as a key speaker missing a flight and being unable to make it in time for their designated time slot. No matter what happens, when you have a conference planning checklist in place that includes contingency plans can help you get back on track after a distraction.

There is no doubt that delivering a memorable company event is a lot of work. However, if you take the time to develop a comprehensive conference planning checklist, you can make sure every little detail is covered. 

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