Instagram isn’t just a great place to share the latest snap of your dog, a story about girls’ night out, or post the occasional selfie. It’s also an ideal place for businesses — and specifically, event planners — to thrive. Not only does it give you access to hundreds of thousands of fellow event planner accounts for inspiration and support, but it’s a great place to capture the attention of your event attendees. This means you can use the app to give your attendees sneak peeks into the event planning process through photos, videos, and stories that excite and entice them.

With over one billion monthly active users and growing, here are a few reasons why if you’re not already using Instagram for your corporate events, you should seriously consider creating an account and getting started.

Builds Excitement Pre-Event

Before social media, event planners had few avenues to generate excitement among attendees leading up to a corporate event. Posters, flyers, letters, company memos, and phone calls were all options for event marketing, but they were limited in scope; they provided the essential information and little else.

But then Instagram came along, and with it, a whole new kind of pre-event marketing was born. Now it is simple, easy, and only costs a few moments of your time to build event hype and begin to engage event attendees before they even set foot in the venue.

Make it work: Carefully consider your Instagram event strategy and take some time to craft photos, videos, and messages that act as teasers to build intrigue and leave people wanting more.

Fun idea: during your meetings with caterers and taste testings, take quick photos of the food and post a poll on your event’s Instagram Story. Not only will you get people engaged, you’ll get their input on a crucial part of planning your corporate event.

Captures Authentic and Genuine Reactions

When people post to Instagram during your corporate event, you get authentic and genuine reactions to what is happening in real time. Not only is this a goldmine of feedback for you, but these stories from the event can also be used in your post-event communications to help reinforce the key messages from the event.

Make it work: From the second people arrive at your event to the very last item on the agenda, make your Instagram handle and event hashtag easily available, and keep it simple and memorable. As the event progresses, be sure to encourage attendees to post by providing time in the agenda specifically for posting.

Fun idea: Make it interactive by having an Instagram photo contest at your event. Encourage volume of photos by entering each hashtag mention into a random draw, or go for quality by having people vote on their favorite photos and videos.

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Encourages FOMO

By sharing great content that makes your corporate event look like the event of the season, your attendees, network, and well, basically everyone, will want to be there!

Using Instagram prior to, as well as during your corporate event is a fantastic way to amplify fear of missing out — or FOMO — making attendees feel special for being there, and getting people who were thinking of opting out to reconsider.

Used effectively, Instagram posts from and about your corporate events can also highlight the best parts of your company culture, which can delight customers, impress company leaders, and perhaps even attract talent.

Make it work: When generating that FOMO-feeling, be sure to keep it light and fun — while you want people to wish they were there, you don’t want to generate negative feelings for those who can’t be.

Fun idea: Get attendees to help amplify the feeling by creating enticing things to photograph — from themed-displays to branded props to a trendy donut board — to make posting irresistible!


Keeps the Message Alive Post-Event

Use those authentic and genuine Instagram posts, professional photography or video, and attendee feedback in your post-event communications to keep the memories fresh so people will keep talking about the amazing time they had at the event. By using photos and videos post-event to remind people of the memories made, you’ll keep your event top-of-mind for longer than if you only post during the actual event. By using these vivid reminders of your event, you will help attendees remember the content they learned while they were there and that they should apply it on the job.

Make it work: Make the photos and videos you take and collect throughout the event available to all relevant departments at the organization for use in post-event follow-up. Encourage leaders to use them at meetings, in emails, and in internal company chats.

Fun idea: Use hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday to repost your favorite moments from the event in the weeks and months after your event is over.

Instagram is the place to be right now! It’s where today’s corporate event attendees live and breathe their best moments. While it takes time out of any event planner’s already-packed schedule, engaging and intriguing your attendees, network, and the other billion Instagram users is time well spent.


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