A Spy-Themed Activity That Fuels High Performance With Continuous Improvement

 icon_hours 2-4 HOURS


As key members of a team of spies with a mission to complete, Code Name: Enigma attendees will be tasked with completing a series of clandestine operations in a high stakes arena. This fast-paced, fun experience is constantly shifting, which keeps attendees on their toes and engaged from start to finish. Success will find those who draw upon team strengths, communicate frequently and effectively, have a commitment to and focus on results, and diligently work to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of objectives being achieved.

It’s Not All Fun and Games 
(But It Will Feel Like It)

While we’re big on fun, we also know that your event needs to make a real impact. Here are just a few of the things that attendees will walk away confidently able to do:

  • Analyze and effectively solve problems
  • Continually be seeking ways to improve
  • Consolidate team spirit, effectiveness, and a common team language
  • Respond rapidly and successfully to sudden changes and challenges
  • Develop and consistently outperform team standards

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