A Team-Building Activity That Inspires Attendees to Deliver Results with Integrity

icon_lightbulb KEY OUTCOME: CHANGE AND PERFORMANCE  icon_participants 20-5,000 PARTICIPANTS  icon_hours 3-4 HOURS


Set in King Arthur’s Court, this themed and highly interactive experiential activity presents a challenge as old as Arthurian time – make money and forge relationships, while acting with integrity. Attendees won’t be able to earn their seat on The Council of the Marble Star if they only succeed in one area of the activity. Throughout, attendees will face deadlines, changing circumstances, and rivalries – though unlike the world outside the event, attendees will have a ton of fun dealing with them. Up to the challenge? Knock on the door of The Council of the Marble Star and find out.

It’s Not All Fun and Games 
(But It Will Feel Like It)

While we’re big on fun, we also know that your event needs to make a real impact. Here are just a few of the things that attendees will walk away confidently able to do:

  • Negotiate and build lasting relationships that drive results
  • Focus on long-term success and the market value of reputation
  • Learn how others’ perceptions of you can impact your results
  • Maximize personal strengths and eliminate weaknesses
  • Synchronize corporate culture with commerce

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