Capitalize on opportunities by obtaining, analyzing, and applying the right information.

As Australian Overlanders, you and your team must traverse vast terrain, accumulating wealth and acquiring assets that you will deliver to the Royal Exposition. But you’re not alone. Aside from the natural hazards, you are competing against other teams, movement limitations, and the clock.
Expedition Outback™ proves the power of a results-driven mindset, allowing participants to identify priorities, evaluate information, and choose the best possible route. Return to the office ready to implement systems and checkpoints to adjust strategies and action plans as circumstances change.

We bring our program to your location—props, program collateral, and costumes—and handle all logistics for a flawless execution. Your facilitator is chosen to fit your session and will consult with you prior to your event to create a customized debrief based on your message. Exhibition Outback is ideal for teamwork training, meetings, off-sites and conferences.