Pursue the right objective and realize rapid success.

You’re on a treasure hunt in the Amazon. Your quest: get to the hoard of diamonds—on the far side of the rainforest. The monsoon is imminent, you only have 24 hours, and other teams are right behind you. Can you develop a plan, manage risks, and allocate resources to achieve your goal?

Jungle Fire™ piles on the pressure to produce, but participants quickly realize that time spent planning is time saved in execution. In doing so, participants feel empowered to take appropriate risks from a position of strength, not desperation.

We bring our program to your location—props, program collateral, and costumes—and handle all logistics for a flawless execution. Your facilitator is chosen to fit your session and will consult with you prior to your event to create a customized debrief based on your message. Jungle Fire™ is ideal for team building events, meetings, off-sites and corporate conferences.